Doctoral Studies

Specializations - Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education

Jonathan Messemer PhD

This Adult, Continuing and Higher Education specialization is a non PreK-12 track designed to prepare students and working professionals for careers as practitioners in organizations or for faculty positions directly related to the delivery of educational services for adults. The UEAE specialization provides opportunities for students to engage in an enriched program of academic study grounded in the field of adult education and higher education scholarship, equipping the UEAE graduates with the knowledge and skills to apply cutting edge research to adult education research and practice in diverse contexts.
Students who study in the Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education track should have experience and/or coursework in each of the following areas: (1) adult learning; (2) leadership theory; (3) administrative decision-making and problem-solving, (4) planning, budgeting, and continuing professional education; and (5) professional ethics. Each student should meet at an early date with his/her academic advisor to plan a series of specialization courses that will supplement the student's experience and prior study in these five areas.