Doctoral Studies

Minimum Prerequisites

School Administration

Minimum Prerequisites

Candidates for a Ph.D. in Urban Education with a specialization in School Administration (K-12) must meet the following minimum prerequisites:

  1. Applicants who have a master's degree in School Administration from a recognized program meet all prerequisites.
  2. Applicants not possessing a master's degree in School Administration must complete all of the following courses or their equivalent, in addition to the specialization courses required for the doctoral program:

Nursing Education

This specialization requires a minimum of 20 hours of coursework:

EDT 602 - Instructional Design & Analysis 3 credits
NUR 710 - Evaluation in Nursing Education 3 credits
NUR 730 - Scholarship of teaching & practice in Nursing Ed. 4 credits
NUR 740 - Intensive Teaching Practicum 3 credits
NUR 760 - Adv. Nursing Curriculum Design 4 credits
NUR 780 - Professional Role in Nursing Education 3 credits

* Students wishing to replace a course listed above with another will need to seek permission from the School of Nursing through their advisor.