Do I need additional plugins or add-ons to use TaskStream?

Do I need additional plugins or add-ons to use TaskStream?

Due to an October 2011 security upgrade to TaskStream, some users of Internet Explorer (IE) will need to make a minor change to one of their browser Security settings in order to be compatible with the TaskStream site. If you are having trouble accessing certain areas of the TaskStream site (for example, the Folio or DRF areas), please follow these steps to make this adjustment:

  • Start Internet Explorer.
  • From the IE toolbar, click Tools.
  • From the menu that displays, click Internet Options.
  • From the pop-up Internet Options window that displays, click the Security tab.
  • Click on the green checkmark icon to select Trusted Sites and click the Sites button

    to navigate to a screen with the related settings.

TaskStream protects members' sensitive personal information by using HTTPS to transfer and display web content securely. To ensure that IT correctly acknowledges TaskStream as a secure, trusted site, it is necessary to remove any outdated listings from your IE settings.

To update these settings, read the listings in the Websites box to see if there are any current references to TaskStream. If you find any reference to TaskStream, click to highlight that listing and click Remove.

Once the TaskStream listing no longer appears in the Websites box, click the Close button at the bottom of the window to save the Trusted sites information and return to the Security page.

Click OK to close the Internet Options communications box and complete the settings process.

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