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We would like to remind all students that the new Special Education Student Handbooks are still available for pick-up. Graduate students who have completed a program of study and all Special Education Undergraduates can pick up their books in room 314 on Monday, through Thursday from 9:00 to 3:45. Graduate students who have not completed a program of study should contact Mary Pultz or Stacy Zitek, Special Education Program Advisors, to complete this form and to receive the Student Handbook. Please call 216.523.7125 to call for an appointment. If you are non-degree seeking, we have a special handbook for you that is also available.

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Mailing Address
Cleveland State University
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Teacher Education
2121 Euclid Avenue
Julka Hall 302
Cleveland, OH 44115

Campus Location
2485 Euclid Avenue
Julka Hall 302
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Fax: 216-687-5379

Department Chair
Clifford Bennett
Phone: 216-523-7105
Email: c.t.bennett@csuohio.edu

Administrative Assistants
Jennifer Higgins
Phone: 216-523-7138
Email: j.l.higgins@csuohio.edu

Jay Simmons
Phone: 216-687-4575
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Katie Ingram
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