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Intensive English Language Program (IELP)

IELP Purposes and Goals

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) was created to serve both international students and the local immigrant population. Its main purpose is to provide English instruction for individuals who need to improve their language skills before beginning their academic programs, or to achieve professional and/or personal goals.

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) at Cleveland State University:

provides quality English language instruction through learner-centered methodology.
serves international students enrolled or planning to enroll in college, permanent residents, and US citizens of limited English proficiency who want to improve their English for academic, personal or professional reasons.
strives to follow guidelines set forth by various professional ESL organizations .
reviews its curriculum to provide the best instruction and cross-cultural experiences for its students.
familiarizes international students with the United States, Cleveland State’s campus life and the diversity that exists in both through curriculum, instruction and cultural activities. .
helps create a greater awareness and appreciation of ethnic and cultural diversity.
promotes international cultural exchange within the program and university.
facilitates adjustments within an American academic environment through personal and academic counseling and advising.

The IELP staff and faculty:

provide quality instruction in a welcoming atmosphere in order to assist students in reaching their goals.
participate in professional development to continue on a path of professional improvement and learning.
use current methods of language instruction and
incorporate appropriate materials and technologies to ensure the continued progress of students’ language proficiency.

The Intensive English Language Program will:

increase its course offerings to serve not only prospective Cleveland State University students, but also community members who are immigrants or permanent residents
be recognized as a source of quality English language instruction.
strive to meet or exceed the expectations of students.
achieve financial viability without compromising the quality instruction that it provides.

For more information, contact:

Michele Bowman, Ph.D.
Director, ESL Program/Intensive English Language Program
2121 Euclid Avenue, JH 314
Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH 44115

Campus Address:
ESL Program - Teacher Education Department
2485 Euclid Avenue, Julka Hall 314
Cleveland, OH 44115
Email: esl@csuohio.edu

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