Julka Hall
Julka Hall

Click Here to view photos taken at the ALD Alumni/Internship Program, 4/9/14, 5:30 p.m.

The Adult Learning and Development (ALD) Masters Program is designed to provide present and future adult educators with the theories, competencies, and knowledge necessary to plan, teach, and administer programs for a diverse population of adult learners in a variety of settings.

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Mailing Address
Cleveland State University
College of Education and Human Services
Counseling, Administration, Supervision, and Adult Learning
2121 Euclid Avenue
Julka Hall 275
Cleveland, OH 44115

Campus Location
2485 Euclid Avenue
Julka Hall 275
Phone: 216-523-7134
Fax: 216-687-5378
Email: casal@csuohio.edu

Program Coordinator
Dr.Jonathan Messemer
Phone: 216-523-7132
Email: ald@csuohio.edu