Adult Learning and Development
Alumni Testimonials

"Unlike some educationally-centered graduate programs that specifically concentrate on areas such as instructional design or career counseling, the Cleveland State University M.Ed. program in Adult Learning & Development provides a well-rounded awareness for today's strategically-focused adult educator. The ALD program presents courses in a number of related yet diverse topics - topics that cover the wide spectrum of situations that the adult education practitioner will find themselves facing in today's work environment. This program helped me recognize the critical importance of teamwork, the societal and organization affects on today's adult learner, and the importance of thinking and acting holistically while planning adult learning programs. And to have a program like this in my own backyard was icing on the cake."

--Murray Winland, M.Ed. Training Director, IT University, Progressive Insurance

In the corporate structure my M. Ed has given me the validation to approach training and development from a systematic approach. The principles and practices I learned in my ALD program have allowed me to take theory to practice in the instructional design and implementation of our national 2005-2006 Adecco Technical Recruiter Training Program. My coursework in program planning has been the most invaluable. The ALD graduate experience has also trained me to successfully plan programs for my participation with non profit organizations. As the Chairperson for the Public Relations and Marketing Committee for the Urban League of Greater Cleveland Young Professionals (ULGCYP), I’ve had the opportunity to plan community based programs utilizing the Interactive Program Planning Model.

--Irving Scott, M.Ed Senior Technical Recruiter for Adecco Technical

“As an African-Canadian, I was always welcomed to share my international learning experiences, which enriched the classroom discussions by providing a holistic view of adult learning and development. Upon graduating from the ALD program, I pursued further graduate studies in public health (health promotion). I was among the top students in the M.P.H. program partly because I already possessed knowledge of program planning, evaluation, needs assessments, and adult leaning theory. Because of my academic preparations, I was often requested to assist faculty in facilitating the adult learning lectures and learning activities.” “Not only did I receive a M.Ed. from the ALD program, I also developed longlasting professional relationships with fellow colleagues and faculty. It is great to network with fellow alumni that share the same core program values and understandings.” “The internship option of the ALD program provided me with the opportunity to test theory with practice. In my current position as a program planner/evaluator, I continue to utilize and reflect on the learning experiences I have gained”

--Lincoln Gibbs, PhD candidate in Adult Education, Northern Illinois University

"Obtaining my Master's degree in Adult Learning and Development has provided me many career opportunities. It opened the doors to corporate training in private industry and becoming a faculty member in higher education. With this degree I gained a greater understanding and appreciation of adult students and how best to provide each of them training and education. I am able to relate to the participants as individuals, as well as, develop programs and curriculum that meet the participant's needs. The Master's Degree Program for Adult Learning and Development has been one of the most worthwhile and practical educational experiences I have ever had."

--Kathryn A. McAtee, Assistant Professor, Cuyahoga Community College

"The ALD program has prepared me for my career in Higher Education Administration in so many ways. First, the M.Ed. I received, was essential to my advancement in the field. In addition, the knowledge I gathered while enrolled in the program has been of tremendous value. While I was Manager for the Veterans Upward Bound Program, I regularly applied both the theoretical and practical knowledge I received from the ALD instructors. From program planning to understanding adult education philosophies, each course played an essential role in my development and the lessons learned through this experience are still benefiting me today."

--Kevin L. McDaniel, M.Ed., Director Admissions & Records, CCC-Metropolitan Campus


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