Adult Learning and Development
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Julka Hall
Julka Hall

Learning is a life-long process. Today’s rapidly changing and technological world requires adults to learn new ways of doing their jobs or to change careers several times throughout their lives. This new reality requires adults to return to educational institutions for classes, to partake in job related training and development, and to attend continuing professional education seminars to achieve new career goals. The influx of adult learners into adult education venues has resulted in a demand for qualified adult educators to assist adult learners as they cope with the effects of an ever-changing world.

Graduates are Successful Working in a Variety of Positions and in a Variety of Adult Education Settings

The ALD program meets the needs of employers. Our graduates work in a variety of settings, both locally and nationally. Recent graduates are working in healthcare, human resources, training and development, higher education, and in nonprofits and student services as trainers, managers, directors, professors and consultants.




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