Course Evaluations - Hard Copy

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations are completed by the students on full-time and part-time faculty. There are two versions of the evaluations: (1) Paper and pencil evaluations and (2) Online evaluations.

• Student Course Evaluations are sent out ¾ of the way through the semester:
• Fall and Spring → 12th week of the semester
• Summer
⇒ 6 week course = 4th week of the semester
⇒ 8 week course = 6th week of the semester
⇒ 10 week course = 8th week of the semester
⇒ 12 week course = 10th week of the semester

Hard Copy

The Education, Dean’s Office will provide each department will the number of forms that need to be distributed to the specific faculty of the current semester.

With those “green” evaluation forms, a department will also receive instructions that need to be read to the students before they fill out the evaluations in class as well as the faculty who want their courses evaluated online instead of hard copy and an instruction sheet on how to fill out the “purple” cover sheet (attached).

If you do not have cover sheets, please contact The Testing Center.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the course evaluations all be filled out in pencil and that the purple cover sheet includes one of the following group letters in the last column of the last name column.

A – Curriculum & Foundations
B – Counseling, Administration, Supervision & Adult Learning
C – Health and Human Performance
D – Doctoral Studies
E – Teacher Education

Once the forms have been completed, a student from the class will send the packet of completed forms to your departmental office. You need to prepare them before you give them to the Dean’s Office to scan and run the reports.

  1. You want to make sure that all of the forms are done in PENCIL!!! If not, then you need to redo them, but please do not include the pen forms in the packet. If it has writing on the back, then you can just paperclip them to the back of the packet. If no writing, then just shred them.
  2. Make sure there are no blanks forms in the packet. If there are, then remove them from the grouping and keep them for next time or return them to the Dean’s Office. If there is writing on the back of the form, then those need to be kept in the grouping for scanning.
  3. Make sure the forms are in the same direction (scanner/black marks should be aligned)
  4. Make sure the “purple” cover sheet is filled out correctly:
    1. The Last Name of the professor should appear in the first block on the left side with the last column of the row having the Group Letter (see above departmental list) should be written in and bubbled.
  • If the faculty has a long name, then just shorten it.
  • ii. If there are two professors teaching the course, then run the names together by shorten both of the names in that block (ie: Smith and Block are teaching a course together for Teacher Education, so the column would read SmitBlocE).
  • Fill by writing and bubbling in the course prefix, number and section
  • Count the number of forms in the packet, not including the “purple” sheet and fill that into the last block on the far right of the sheet.
  • Once the forms and “purple” sheets have been reviewed, then separate the forms by full-time and part-time faculty and alphabetize the packets by faculty last name.
  • The final step before submitting them to the Dean’s Office is to type up the student comments from the back of the form. If you have never done this, then I would talk to your Department Chair to find out what format it should be in.
  • Deliver the forms to Julka Hall 210 – Dean’s Office. They will only review the group letter and the number of forms before scanning the evaluations. The scanned files are then sent to the Testing Center who runs the reports. This can take up a month or two to get the reports back.

  • Online (University)

    The University offer course evaluations to be done online, but they are optional. An email will be sent out by the Dean’s Office and faculty will voluntarily chose if they would like for their students to evaluate them online or not. Please note that ALL online courses are evaluated online unless the faculty objects. Once the list is compiled, then the Testing Center will take care of the rest. An email will be sent out to the student’s CSU email address on record. If the students did not forward their email to a personal email, then they will need to check their campus webmail account.

    Online (Zoomerang)

    If a faculty was not able to get their course reviewed, then a survey can be sent out by the Dean’s Office. Just contact Suzanne Ortiz at, but we strongly encourage this process to not be used since we will probably evaluate them after the semester has ended and the results will be skewed.