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Reading and Math Skills
Intake and Assessment - The focus of this course is the administration and interpretation of formal and informal assessment tools for students with or without mild/moderate educational needs. The course emphasizes the direct link between assessment and the design of appropriate instruction. Course assignments will require students to make decisions in selecting and administering assessments as well as developing appropriate educational plans for children with educational needs based on assessment outcomes.

Assessment Mild/Moderate
This course is the examination of principles, procedures, and instruments of assessment used in the diagnosis of individuals with or without mild/moderate educational needs. Emphasizes the administration and interpretation of formal and informal assessment tools to identify academic and social difficulties. Students work with an individual client in a clinical setting.

Emergent Literacy
Examines theory, research, and practice as it pertains to the processes by which young children learn to read and write in day care, preschool, and primary classrooms. Consideration of language, literacy, and concept development, with emphasis on factors that influence children's growth in these areas. Addresses the relationships between thought and language, as well as integrative methods for language-arts instruction and assessment that build on these relationships and contribute to the acquisition of literacy during early childhood.

C & I Mild/Moderate Development
This course is the study of appropriate curriculum, materials, instructional techniques, and use of technology with emphasis on academics, social development, and functional skills in educational planning. Explores instructional accommodations for students with mild/moderate educational needs in the regular education setting.

Assessment/Evaluation Diverse Literacy
Course involves assessment and evaluation of literacy development, with a focus on reading, writing, and complementary language-arts processes for students of all ages. Linguistic, affective, and cognitive factors that may influence encoding, decoding, comprehension, and composition and their evaluation are considered. The construction, administration, and interpretation, and critique of formal and informal assessment procedures are addressed.


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