When did you decide to be a teacher? - What’s your favorite part about teaching?

Gina Eaton, M.Ed.

Meet Gina Eaton, M.Ed.
CSUteach Induction and Professional Development Coordinator

Ms. Eaton earned her BA in Middle Childhood Education (Math and Science) at Cleveland State University, she later received a Master's in Math Education from Cambridge College in Boston, and then a Master's in Organizational Leadership her at Cleveland State University.

When did you decide to be a teacher?

I was the kid that never wanted to play school and I always said I would never be a teacher. I wanted to be an engineer, originally, but through later experiences, I encountered several teachers in every aspect of my life that piqued my interest in teaching. When searching for guidance about what to do with my life, I met Margaret Frank here at CSU counseling, she opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a teacher. I took her advice and it was the best decision of my life!

Did you teach at an urban setting? What subject matter and for how long?

My entire career has been served in urban settings both here in Cleveland and in Fort Worth, Texas. I began teaching 6th grade science but eventually I primarily taught math at multiple grade levels. I also served as grade level team leader, and as a building math coach over the course of about ten years.

What’s your favorite part about teaching?

I enjoy both learning to use new technology and teaching technology to my students. I am particularly excited to see the glow on the student’s faces when they accomplish even the smallest task. I love to assist lower achieving students in gaining confidence and improving their academic performance and behavior.

Tell me about your role as part of the CSUteach team?

I am the Induction and Professional Development Coordinator for the CSUteach program. In my role, I assist enrolled students through one on one conferences and professional development. I develop and implement workshops and training relevant to teaching, education, financial aid and job search. Additionally, I act as liaison between classroom teachers and principals with our program for mentor teacher opportunities and internships.

What special event have you organized for CSUteach students? Which should we look forward to?

To date I have organized student loan information sessions, career services, and rubrics analyzing data. Upcoming events include: CSUteach career services series, special education summit, classroom management, and teacher union roundtable, professional development plan and the inductee summer institute.