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Welcome to the Accelerated Master's in School Counseling

Accelerated Master’s in School Counseling

If you have ever desired a Master’s degree in School Counseling now is an excellent time to pursue one in Cleveland State University’s CACREP-approved School Counseling program. On July 1st 2020, all School Counseling programs will move from 48 to 60 hours. If you are accepted into a program and begin by June 30th 2020, you will be grand-parented to licensure.

Cleveland State University is offering an accelerated program (22 months) that is designed for the full-time professional teacher or students with background in education. The accelerated School Counseling master’s will be mostly face-to-face courses that utilize a “flipped-classroom” format. Short video lectures plus reading are done before class. Less time is spent in class but the time in class is devoted to application of the video/lecture material in a problem-finding; problem-solving format.

If you would like to learn more, register for the orientation led by department Chairperson Dr. Elliott Ingersoll, please go to:
When: August 10th 6-8 pm
Where: Julka Hall 191

You will learn about the schedule, the instructors, and opportunities to work as a school counselor. With the entire degree about to increase by 12 hours, there’s never been a better time to apply for interested parties.

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