Counseling, Administration, Supervision, and Adult Learning (CASAL)

Participant Testimonials

The training was the perfect blend of information sharing and group exercises to reinforce what we learned. This is excellent training for both any entry-level and mid-career professional corporate or adult trainer. It helps to establish effective communication between the stakeholders.

For me personally, this training was a great marriage of practical skills which enhanced the theories I learned in the graduate Adult Learning and Development Program at Cleveland State University. I will undoubtedly use these skills in the management of a team of trainers in my new role. I feel more confident in guiding them through the different phases of the ADDIE model and to successfully plan effective training.  

- Brenda L. Ellis, NASA

I got a lot of activity ideas out of this workshop and can't wait to try them with my students and trainers.

The design and implementation courses allowed us the opportunity to participate in real life activities. Engaged learning at its best! Thank you!

This class provided me with information that I need to become an effective instructional design.

- Jason Hill

It was a great class, thank you. Great combination of lecture, activity and examples of content in the workplace.

- Michelle Ries, Western Reserve Hospital