Counseling, Administration, Supervision, and Adult Learning (CASAL)

Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Mental Health Counseling - Certificate Program

Early Childhood Mental Health counseling is a growing specialization in working with children ages 0-6, their families, and the providers employed in settings dealing with this age group. This certificate has two tracks, one for those delivering the actual interventions (counseling) and those in similar settings who are not directly delivering interventions but supervising those who do (consultation). Early Child Mental Health Services are supportive interventions designed to strengthen the optimal development of a young child within the context of the family and community. Young children and families served include premature, underweight, medically fragile or chronically ill babies; young children with identified disabilities or developmental delays; adolescent parents; depressed parents; parents who are unprepared or overwhelmed by the care of a baby/child; and parents at social or emotional risk in the care-giving role. This program is designed to be delivered in an online and weekend intensive format to draw students from across the state of Ohio.