Counseling, Administration, Supervision, and Adult Learning (CASAL)

Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Mental Health Counseling

Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) Counseling is a growing specialization that focuses on newborn to six-year-old children, their families, and others dealing directly with this age group. This certificate is an excellent step towards obtaining your Ohio ECMH Professional Credential. To learn more about how to obtain your Ohio ECMH Professional Credential, click here.

This 16-credit certificate program has two tracks, ECMH Counseling and ECMH Consultation.

  • EMCH Counselors deliver direct service utilizing theraputic interventions. This track is open to current students in counseling, social work, and counseling or school psychology programs as well as those with a license for mental health practice in Ohio. 
  • ECMH Consultants do not directly deliver interventions but collaborate or supervise those who do. This track is open to students in education, public health, and behavioral science programs as well as those with degrees in these areas. 

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To apply to this program, please visit our Graduate Admissions page.