Counseling, Administration, Supervision, and Adult Learning (CASAL)

The Adult Literacy Master Teacher CE Program

This online program consists of seven individual 15-week facilitated courses based on best practice literature for professional development and teacher education.

Currently in development, this innovative program will provide instructors with an understanding of the adult literacy population, including a survey of adult learning and development theory as it pertains to low literate adults who may also have learning disabilities.  It will provide instructors with a firm foundation in pedagogy/andragogy, instructional strategies for teaching reading, writing, and developing numeracy, and an understanding of critical issues in adult literacy (such as motivating and retaining students, and maintaining professional boundaries). 

Developed and Presented by Dr. Carmine Stewart


Course 1 Teaching Reading to Adult Learners  
Course 2 Teaching Writing to Adult Learners 
Course 3 Learning and Development and the Adult Literacy Learner 
Course 4 Learning Disabilities and the Adult Literacy Learner 
Course 5 Critical Issues in Adult Literacy Education 
Course 6 Numeracy Development and the Adult Literacy Learner, Part 1 
Course 7 Numeracy Development and the Adult Literacy Learner, Part 2



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A portion of CE profits go to fund summer scholarships for COEHS graduate students.