Counseling, Administration, Supervision, and Adult Learning (CASAL)

Accerlerated Master's Degree in ALD - Weekend Program

Julka Hall

The Adult Learning and Development (ALD) Masters Degree Weekend Program is designed to provide present and future adult educators with the theories, competencies, and knowledge necessary to plan, teach, and administer programs for a diverse population of adult learners in a variety of settings. The Program also provides an avenue for meeting the continuing education requirements of professional adult educators.

In the accelerated ALD Program, students take three courses in a 15 week semester, allowing them to complete their master’s degree in only 15 months.

  1. Courses will be taught as a combination of in-person classes, online and blended courses.
  2. Students will meet at the University’s East Center, located in Solon, Ohio on Friday nights and on Saturdays for course work (with the exception of one 2-credit courses ETE 501).

To complete the program, students choose and work in an internship site that reflects their interest and growing expertise in the field, allowing them to strengthen the bond between theory and practice.
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