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Master of Education PreK-12 Education in Chinese Language - Program Requirements:


Master of Education PreK-12 Education in Chinese Language

Program Requirements:

This is a 34 credit hour program that encompasses 10 graduate courses, typically taken in four consecutive semesters beginning in Spring (five for students who begin in Fall). It leads to two credentials: A Master's degree in education, and a license to teach Chinese in Ohio.

This is a "Cohort" program, which means that a group of students proceeds through all the coursework together. Below is a summary sheet listing the courses normally taken in this program; it is also available online at CSU Chinese Language Teaching Licensure Program Coursework.

The coursework is divided into four sections. The first is a set of core courses, including an introductory field experience. The second is a set of specialization courses unique to this degree. The third is the major field experience component, in which you actually work under supervision in a real teaching setting. The fourth is an exit requirement, which is used to help you integrate what you have learned and prepare for a real job in the field.

I.  College/Program Core (13 Credits)
  EDB 601 &nbsp Educational Research (three credits)
  EDB 604 &nbsp Social Issues and Education (three credits)
  EDB 502 &nbsp Psychological Foundations of Education (three credits)
  EDB 505 &nbsp Teaching and Management in the Secondary School (four credits)

II.  Specialization (14 Credits)
  ETE 565 &nbsp Technology in the Classroom (four credits)
  EDL 505 &nbsp Content Area Literacy (three credits)
  ESE 504 &nbsp Teaching Students of Varying Abilities (three credits)
  EDC 512  &nbsp Instructional Development in Foreign Language Education (four credits)

III.  Field Experience (4 Credits)
  EST 598 &nbsp Internship in Teaching Chinese(1) (four credits)

IV.  Exit Requirement (3 Credits)
  EDB 595 &nbsp Seminar on Integrating Theory and Practic

Total Credits: 34

(1) This internship is designed as a special arrangement which will allow student tuition to be kept at a reasonable level while still requiring that the students complete the actual number of clock hours in the field required to ensure adequate supervised experience. The students will pay for and receive a total of 4 credit hours, while fulfilling the clock hour requirement for the traditional 14 credit hours (i.e. 10 credit hours of student teaching plus 4 credit hours of internship). Students in this program will not be allowed to petition for a waiver of any portion of this internship requirement.