Curriculum & Foundations (C&F)

College of Education and Human Services - Curriculum and Foundations Faculty

Department Chair

Marius Boboc

Maruis Boboc , Associate Professor
  • Biography
  • JH 382 • Phone: 216-687-4581
  • E-mail:
  • Specialty - Curriculum and Instruction/Assessment of Student Learning and Accreditation in Higher Education

Educational Technology

Ron Abate
Ron Abate, Professor

Selma Koc

Selma Koc, Associate Professor

Lih-Ching Chen Wang


Lih-Ching Chen Wang,Professor


Educational Psychology


Jeremy Genovese
Jeremy Genovese, Associate Professor

Brian Harper
Brian Harper, Associate Professor
  • Biography
  • JH 358
  • Phone: 216-875-9770
  • E-mail:
  • Specialty - Educational Psychology,Racial Identity,Development & Self-Regulated Learning

Xiongyi Liu
Xiongyi Liu, Assistant Professor
  • Biography
  • JH 360
  • Phone: 216-523-7129
  • Email:
  • Specialty - Educational Psychology,Cognition & Learning, Instructional Technology

Educational Research

Karla Hamlen
Karla Hamlen, Assistant Professor

Graham Stead
Graham Stead, Professor
  • Biography
  • JH 213
  • Phone: 216-875-9869
  • Email:
  • Specialty - Research Methods, Statistics, Career Psychology, Social Constructionism

Joshua Bagaka's
Joshua Bagaka's, Professor

Social Foundations

Anne Galletta
anne galletta, associate Professor
  • Biography
  • JH 370
  • Phone: 216-802-3044
  • Email:
  • Specialty - Social Foundations,Qualtitative Research Methods including Ethnography & Participatory Action Research

Curriculum & Instruction

Brian Yusko
Brian Yusko, associate Professor

Diane Corrigan
Diane Corrigan, Clinical associate Professor

Adam Voight, Assistant Professor/ Asso Dir of urban Edu

Gifted Education

Daniel Winker, Visiting professor/Coordinator of Gifted Education

College Lecturer

Glenda Hathaway-Cotner
Glenda Hathaway-cotner, College Lecturer