Become an expert in using school-wide and classroom data to make evaluations and decisions. - Who is this Certificate for?

Assistant Professor Karla Hamlen Ph.D

Become an expert in using school-wide and classroom data to make evaluations and decisions.

Data-based decision making is at the forefront of school reform. School leaders are expected to monitor the progress of schools, classes, and even teachers using a wide range of data. This certificate will give you expertise in analyzing and using that data to make the most effective decisions.

Who is this Certificate for?

This certificate is designed for school administrators, educators who seek to become data specialists or consultants for K-12 schools, or those interested in education policy. A certificate holder can be an asset to any school district and will have the skills to advise administrators and other faculty in ways to improve assessment and use many types of data to monitor and improve the progress of schools.

What skills will I learn?

School and District--level decision-making:
Understanding Ohio’s value-added and Adequate Yearly Progress models for school evaluation

Classroom-level decision-making:
Designing effective assessments and differentiating Instruction based on data from assessments

How to collect, understand, and analyze data and understand research to make decisions

What are the requirements?

Those who already have a relevant Master’s degree will take just 15 credits for the certificate:

  • EDB 575 Data Driven Decision-Making and Differentiated Instruction (3 credits)
  • EDB 701 Advanced Educational Research (4 credits)
  • EDB 704 Interpreting Student Performance Data (4 credits)
  • EDB 711 Educational Program Evaluation and Innovation (4 credits)

This certificate can also be earned in conjunction with a Master’s Degree in Educational Research.

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