Intensive English Language Program (IELP)

IELP Application Form

IELP Application Process:

Students who want to study at the Intensive English Language Program must be non-native speakers of English,18 years of age by the first day of classes and must complete the following application process:

  1. Complete the application form on this website or request a brochure and application from or call 216-875-9669.
  2. Send the non-refundable application fee ($40) with credit card information, a check or money order (drawn from a US bank in US dollars) made payable to Cleveland State University.
  3. If you are requesting an I-20 form to get an F-1 Student visa, send original documents showing financial support (see information below).  All documents must be in English or sent with an official translation.
  4. Send a copy of your passport page so we can confirm the spelling of your name and your date of birth.
  5. Optional: If you are also applying to Cleveland State University, you can send your most recent high school or college transcripts (school records) translated into English.
  6. The application can be:

    Mailed to:   English as a Second Language Program
                        Continuing Education
                        Cleveland State University
                        2121 Euclid Avenue, CE 103
                        Cleveland, OH 44115-2214 USA

    Express Mailed to:  
                        English as a Second Language Program
                        Cleveland State University
                        3100 Chester Avenue CE 103
                        Cleveland, OH 44115-2214 USA 

                        Express Mailing Instructions Click Here!

    Faxed to:     216-687-5299

    Emailed to:  
                        Download the application.   Click here for an MS Word version or click here for an Adobe version. 
                        Click here to download the free Adobe Reader.

Apply Now!

Acceptance to the IELP does not guarantee acceptance to Cleveland State University.  For information about admission to Cleveland State University, please go to

4 Ways to Apply

  • All documents must be in English or sent with an official translation.
  • Fill out our application form below and send the application fee and documents separately by mail. You will receive a confirmation by mail.   
  • Print our application form. Fill it out and fax to (216) 687-5299. Mail the other documents and application fee to the address on the form.
  • Print our application form. Fill it out and send it via postal mail, the application fee and documents to address on form.  
  • Call the Intensive English Language Program for an in-person appointment at 216-875-9669 or 216-875-9665. Our office hours are 8am -5pm and we are located at:

    Cleveland State University
    Cole Center for Continuing Education
    3100 Chester Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44115

Statement of Financial Responsibility

All international students must show financial (tuition and living expenses) support for the length of time that they plan to study or at least one semester or summer session. (See Costs on website). Financial documentation must be sent in order for Cleveland State University to issue an I-20 form. The financial verification and I-20 must be presented at the U.S. Embassy or consulate when applying for an F-1 Visa.

Please have two original financial documents prepared:

  • One for Cleveland State University and
  • One to present to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

All documents must be in English, original, dated and issued within the past year. The originals must be in English or must be sent with official translations. You must have one or a combination of the following documents.

  1. An original bank statement in your name showing the amount of funds available in U.S. dollars.
  2. An original bank statement in your guarantor's name (sponsor or
    parent) that indicates the amount (in U.S. dollars) available accompanied by a letter of confirmation from the guarantor of his or her intention to provide support. The bank statement MUST indicate a minimum amount held in the account, on bank stationary with a telephone and FAX number for the branch and street address.
  3. An Affidavit of Support (I-134 form) if your sponsor is a US citizen or Permanent Resident of U.S. The form can be obtained from our office or it can be downloaded at  Item #11 must be completed indicating the sponsor's financial intentions.
  4. A letter from your guarantor's employer accompanied by a letter from the guarantor confirming his or her intention to provide support. The guarantor's salary must be at least twice the amount that he or she plans to provide.
  5. A letter of support from your government or other sponsoring agency that indicates the amount available and additional provisions, such as health insurance coverage. Please provide a signed copy of the award letter with billing instructions. You should also send a copy to Bursar's office once you arrive in order for the billing to take place.

If your documents indicate an amount in a currency other than U.S. dollars we will convert the amount according to the exchange rate on
the day we receive your financial support documents.


When we receive your application, we will mail you a confirmation notice. If you have not received a confirmation notice within one month, please call us at (216) 875-9669. Please give us an e-mail address on your application, if you have one.

Payment Information

Full Payment

A.    Go to Treasury Services-Cashier’s office (MC 1st floor) and pay by cash, check, or money order. If you are doing third party billing, speak with the ESL office.

B.     You can also pay by electronic check or credit card (AE, MC, D) on Campusnet.  If you have your id # and password, so you can pay on-line.

C.     If paying by a Visa card, please go to Continuing Education office* (CE 103).

D.    If you need to do a wire transfer (bank to bank), please get information from the ESL office ( or 216-875-9665).

E.      If you are staying on campus, have Fenn Tower or Viking Hall information added to your ID card.

*If you pay at Continuing Education, it will take a few extra days to show up on your account. 

Payment Plan (4 Payments)

A.    Go to Treasury Services in order to set up the Budget Payment Plan. You must sign the form and give it to the Cashier’s Office (MC 1st floor) with the first payment. One fourth (1/4) of your bill is due at this time.  

B.     Payments may be given at the Continuing Education office (CE 103) if paying by Visa.  The first payment is due the first week of classes.  If you live in a residence hall, you will have to pay for your room at Treasury Services (MC Plaza) in order to have the information added to your ID card.

C.     The types of payment are the same as above.

D.    The ESL office will have information about the exact dates when payments are due.

*If you are not registered yet, the tuition will not show on your bill.  Check your bill/campusnet for the exact date or with the IELP office if you are unsure.

Please note:  Treasury Services will not accept payment on Visa cards.  They will accept Mastercard, Discover or American Express with online payments.  They will continue to accept cash, checks, money orders, traveler’s checks and bank wire transfers.

The Continuing Education office will continue to accept payment on Visa cards.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Your course fee will be refunded or your bill cancelled if you withdraw from a course based on the University schedule policy. Call (216) 875-9669 or stop by our office to withdraw.  Online courses: The refund period for a semester is the first week of classes. The refund period for a 7-week session is the first day of classes.


If you need assistance, call us at (216) 687-2144 before your first class meeting for information about classroom accessibility.


If we have to cancel a class, we will notify you immediately. You may choose to transfer to another class or receive a full tuition refund.


Please contact the IELP/ESL offices at if you will have a car and need to park on campus.

 Please continue with this application if you are applying to the Intensive English Language Program only.

Bold items indicate required fields.

IELP Application

Please complete the entire application.

Background information
I want to start studying during the:
Your name as it appears on your passport
First Name
Middle Initial
Last (Family) Name
Permanent Address (in your country)
Street 1
Street 2
Postal Code
Permanent telephone number, fax number and email
Home Phone
Home Fax
Current U.S. Address (if available)
U.S. Street 1
U.S. Street 2
ZIP Code
Personal Information
Country of Birth
Country of Citizenship (Passport Issuance)
Native Language
Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY)
(IELP students must be at least 18 years of age)
Education Information
Did you graduate from High School?
If you are already in the U.S., what is your visa status?
Alien Registration Number
Do you need an I-20 document to request a student visa? Students requesting an I-20 must show financial support.
Are you transferring from another school in the USA? If yes, please provide name and address.
Name of School
School Address
Dates of Attendance (MMYYYY)
From:   To:
Do you want to live on campus? (Students living on campus must be at least 17 years of age.)
Please give the name and contact information in case of emergency (friend or family preferably in the United States)
How did you learn about the Intensive English Language Program at Cleveland State University?
If other, please explain.


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