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Medical technologists play an active role in healthcare by performing a wide variety of laboratory tests on body fluids and tissues in order to determine the presence or absence of disease, monitor a patient's response to therapy and/or aid in the prevention of illness and maintenance of health. These tests encompass many areas, including clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology, clinical urinology, immunology, immunohematology, and more. The results of these tests are used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Medical technologists use automated equipment and computerized instruments capable of performing a number of tests simultaneously, as well as microscopes, cell counters, and other sophisticated laboratory equipment. Medical technologists are involved in all aspects of clinical laboratory testing including: performing the tests, maintenance and troubleshooting of instruments, quality control, and evaluating/developing new tests.


Employment opportunities in the medical technology field are excellent, with opportunities available in hospital laboratories, commercial reference laboratories, private laboratories, public health laboratories, clinics, and research centers. Industry also offers opportunity in the area of sales, public relations, and in research and development. Like all scientific fields, there is the option of continued academic specialization through the pursuit of an advanced degree, which in turn brings further employment opportunities and benefits.

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Animal Scientist  Environmental Health Marine Fisheries/Worker 
Aquaculture Farmer Environmental Protection Marine Geologist
Aqua culturist Ergonomist  Marine Sales 
Aquarium & Museum Fish Hatchery Tech Marine Tourist Worker
Aquarium Technician Fisheries Conservation Market Research Analyst 
Aquatic Biologist Florist  Medical Illustrator
Barrier Beach Manager Food Scientist-Tech Medical Laboratory Tech
Bio-Engineer  Forester Medical Librarian 
Bio-Technologist Genetic Eng. Research Medical Technologist
Biochemist Geographer Meteorologist 
Biometrician  Health Officer  Microbiologist 
Boat Builder & Repair Horticulturist  Molecular Biologist
Botanist Hospital Administrator  Mortician 
Chem. Oceanographer Hydrographic Surveyor Museum/Aquarium Admin.
Chiropractor Industrial Hygienist  Mycologist
Coastal Resources Mgr. Industrial Marine Econ. Naval Architect
Commercial Fish. Eng. Limnological Technician Net Designer
Coroner  Marine-Coastal Consult Neurobiologist
Dentist Marine Bacteriologist  Oceanographer
Dietitian & Nutritionist Marine Biologist Paramedic
Ecologist  Marine Ecologist Parasitologist 
Pharmacy Technician  Physical Therapist Pharmaceutical Sales
Science Lab Tech. Public Health Worker  Physician 
Zoologist Science Teacher Salt Marsh Manager 
Wildlife Resources Mgr. State Parks & Recreation Science Writer
Technical Writer  Test-Inspection Tech. Soil Conservationist 
Underwater Technician  Veterinarian  Systems Analyst 
Geophysicist/ Physicist Wildlife Biologist  Toxicologist 
Water Quality Technician Film Maker Science Illustrator
Commercial Inland Water Transportation Worker  Seafood Processor-Researcher  



Operate scientific equipment Independent worker
Information handling & organization Curiosity and creativity
Biology theory & practical knowledge Statistical awareness
Oral & written communication Numerical computation
Analytical & quantitative abilities Innovative talents
Problem solving Technical skills