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Frequently Asked Questions - Cooperative Education

Can I join the Co-op program even if I haven't chosen a major?
Yes you can. You don't have to declare a major to be a Co-op student.
As a matter of fact, we encourage students to join the program in their
Sophomore year. This is when many haven't even chosen let alone declared
a major. The CSC 121 Career Orientation class along with career counseling
may help make this decision a little clearer.

Do I have to work for the same company until I graduate?
No, it's not required to work with only one employer. Some students
will work for only one co-op employer provided both the student and
company are satisfied with each other. However, other students will co-op
with as many as four or five different employers. A little side note:
Many Co-op students got job offers from their Co-op employers at the
time of graduation.

What if I change majors?
This is more typical an occurrence than people think. Some students
use their Co-op assignment to see if the career or major they chose
is right for them. For some, they find out that their decision wasn't
what they expected and will change majors. It's better to find out while
you're in school rather than wait until you graduate. If you do change
majors, you may be assigned a new coordinator. However, it won't affect
your eligibility as a Co-op student.

Do the Career Coordinators get me a job?
The role of your coordinator is not to find you a job. He or she is
there to coach, teach, listen, and advise. Your coordinator will send
your resume to companies looking for Co-op students, but you're the
one who has to go on the interview and get the job.

What's the difference between Co-op and Internship?
Basically, there's not much difference between the two. Both are opportunities
for you to gain valuable job experience. Some companies may have an
internship program that we at Cleveland State would call a Co-op. Typically
the only difference is that Internships are usually unpaid and Co-op
assignments are paid. Additionally, you can sometimes earn academic
credit for internships that can count toward graduation requirements.

What if I'm a transfer student?
Transfer students are eligible for the Co-op program. Some transfer
students have Co-op assignments from their old college and want to know
if it can count as an assignment here. The answer is YES. You will have
to talk to your coordinator about the other requirements on a case by
case basis.

How do I get involved with the Co-op Program?
It's easy! Call, email or visit us at:

Career Services Center
2121 Euclid Avenue, RW 280
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 687-2233