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On-Campus Student Employment

Student Employment at Cleveland State University refers to temporary, part-time, on-campus positions available to registered, degree-seeking students. These positions are paid hourly and are considered “at-will” employment.  student working

Research shows that students who work on-campus:

  • enjoy greater academic success,
  • are more connected to the University,
  • develop relationships with members of the University community who can help them deal with a variety of questions and concerns,
  • have employers who support their educational endeavors and coordinate work schedules with academic schedules.

Every student position can be beneficial even if it is not significantly related to a field of study. Student positions help our students gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the working world and help them develop many of these essential job skills:

  • computer skills
  • communication skills
  • customer service skills
  • writing skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • professional maturity
  • problem solving skills
  • decision making skills
  • team member skills
  • personal responsibility

Working on campus can also be helpful for funding a student’s schooling by reducing reliance on loans. The money earned in an on-campus student employment job can be used to pay for tuition, books, food, living expenses---anything a student needs.

For information on student employment at CSU, please view the Student Employment Handbook below.

Student Employment Forms: