Faculty Services - Cleveland State University/ Lakeland Community College Partnership

At the Holden University Center of Lakeland Community College, the following services are available to CSU faculty:

    • An office with a computer, internet access, printer and telephone in Holden University Center 111. To obtain access to this office outside of regular staff hours, please see the Holden Center staff at the main front desk.
    • Every classroom at the Holden University Center is equipped with all the latest technology.
    • Parking is located adjacent to the Holden University Center and is FREE for faculty.

    Special Instructions for IVDL Classes - We are happy to assist you with all your distance learning needs.

    Any HANDOUTS, QUIZZES, OR EXAMS that need to be distributed to CSU students at HOLDEN MUST BE either:

  1. EMAILED to:


  2. MAILED to:

    Yvette Wilson - Partnership Assistant
    CSU Partnership Office
    Holden University Center, 111
    Lakeland Community College

    7700 Clocktower Dr.
    Kirtland, OH 44094

However, should you need assistance after 7:30 p.m. please contact the Holden University Center at 440-525-7535.

Weather Closing Information

CSU classes held at Lakeland Community College will not be in session if LCC or CSU is closed. For closing information, please refer to:

Lakeland Emergency Closing Hotline: 440-525-7242
Lakeland website:
CSU Partnership Office: 440-525-7471
CSU website: