Information for Faculty

The CSU Partnership Office strives to offer all students and faculty a positive, supportive learning environment.

The following services and amenities are available to CSU Faculty teaching at the Holden Center of Lakeland Community College: (Please note  - all assistance provided by the CSU Partnership Assistant will be available during scheduled office hours)

  1. Office space to work or hold office hours with students. Space includes computer, printer, phone and copier. To obtain access to this office outside of regular staff hours, please see the Holden Center staff at the main desk.
  2. Each classroom is equipped with the latest technology and is supported by the Holden tech staff.
  3. Distribution of class materials if received at least 24 hours before class is scheduled. Materials can be emailed to the partnership assistant at
  4. Interactive Video Distance Learning (IVDL) Classes: Partnership staff are available during their scheduled work hours to distribute class materials and can make arrangements to have in-class assignments picked up and returned to you. Exams and quizzes are to be proctored by the instructor.
  5. Proctoring for individual student exams is not available outside of staff work hours. If you have a student who needs to take a missed quiz or exam, contact the partnership office to schedule a time to have the student come into the office.
  6. For assistance needed after 6:00pm, please contact the Holden Center at (440) 525-7535.