Center for Sustainable Business Practices

Corporate Roundtable

Uniting social, environmental, and financial assets for innovative advantage

Convened with the Center for Sustainable Business Practices at Cleveland State University’s Monte Ahuja College of Business and the Corporate Sustainability Network, this group of business leaders meets monthly for peer learning about best practices and innovation in corporate and community sustainability. The Corporate Roundtable serves as a neutral, “honest broker,” offering knowledge resources to assist in participants’ exploration of sustainability and what it means for their businesses. Discussion focuses on enhancing economic, environmental and social values through sustainable practices, products, technology, and strategy.

Participants who invest in this forum comprise many of the region’s largest national and multi-national corporate citizens who maintain global or division headquarters in Northeast Ohio. The facilitated roundtable discussions explore such topics as sustainable supply chains, corporate sustainability models in use today, and business opportunities in climate-friendly technologies.

The Corporate Roundtable is a safe and unique space for our members to learn about effective stakeholder engagement, a key piece to corporate sustainability.

Even if a business does not directly buy or sell abroad, the very nature of a global economy means every business is impacted by decisions made across the globe. The actions or inactions of every business also have an effect worldwide. The degree to which this happens varies greatly. However, if we accept this premise, we can be proactive and act upon global challenges and opportunities rather than simply react. The 2012-2013 Corporate Roundtable season will focus on this strategy in the context of sustainable business practices. Last season, our membership explored leadership in sustainability while looking at internal structures of the organization. We continue this discussion while developing a more strategic view of the role of externalities in business operations, as well as short- to long-term planning.


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