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Guidelines to File a College of Business Petition

The following guidelines are designed to assist you in the preparation of your UndergraduatePetition_MonteAhujaCollegeofBusiness.pdf; we offer these in the interest of helping you present your case to the College of Business Academic Standards and Petition Committee in the most organized and informative manner possible.

Before filing your petition, please review your completed form to ensure its accuracy, and make sure you append any documentation that you wish to submit in support your request. Petitions that are submitted without all necessary and relevant recommendations will be returned as incomplete.

  • You must provide a narrative explaining the rationale for your request; this document must be typed and attached to the petition form.

  • When referring to a course (e.g., when petitioning for a late withdrawal), always include the course number, course title and name of course instructor.

  • If you are requesting a withdrawal on the basis of a medical, legal or work-related situation, you must submit written documentation that clearly addresses your inability to drop by the published deadline. Statements of support from appropriate professional references must be signed and submitted on company or organizational letterhead.

  • If you are petitioning for an extension of the deadline associated with reconciling a previous grade of “Incomplete,” a statement from the course instructor must accompany your request. Disputes of assigned grades must adhere to the Grade Change Appeal procedure outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog.

  • Recommendations: All petitions for late withdrawal, change of grade or extension of incomplete must be accompanied by a recommendation. If you are petitioning for late withdrawal from multiple courses, you must obtain a recommendation from each instructor.  All other types of petitions will typically require the recommendation of your major field and/or college advisor.

NOTE: All recommendations should be sent in a separate letter or email to the College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center email address at or sent to your Undergraduate Advisor. If you are not certain who should be providing the recommendation(s) associated with your request, please consult with the Advising Center in BU 219.

Because of privacy and confidentiality concerns, petition results cannot be given over the telephone. The Committee's decision will be mailed to you promptly.

Please note that submission of your petition does not constitute a guarantee of approval. You are responsible for ensuring that your academic standing and progress are maintained at levels deemed acceptable by university and college standards.