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Ahuja Business Minority Society

The purpose of the Ahuja Business Minority Society is to help support Ahuja minority undergraduate business students with academic enrichment programs and assist with the development of professional growth regarding their interest in studying business.

The Society will offer workshops regarding various topics related to business careers and the majors within the Monte Ahuja College of Business. Also, the Society will provide on-going professional networking opportunities with Greater Cleveland business professionals, as well as interaction with local minority business professionals through society meetings, social events, company tours and mentorship.

Our Mission:

The mission of the ABMS is to help recruit, retain and graduate Ahuja minority undergraduate students; as well as provide academic enrichment support, business professional leadership skills and prepare for life after graduation

Our Goals:

  • Promote and develop business professional skills
  • Provide scholarly academic support
  • Promote professional networking
  • Focus on completing internships
  • Provide opportunities to engage in social business professional forums

Reasons to join:

There are many direct benefits to bring a member of the ABMS

Scholarships - Take advantage of scholarships offered exclusively to ABMS members such as:

  • The Ahuja Business Minority Society Enterprise Holdings Textbook Scholarship. Click here to apply: ABMS Scholarship Application.pdf
  • The National Basketball Academy Program Internship. Click here to apply: National Basketball Academy Internship Program.pdf
  • Book Loan program - Exclusive program for ABMS members
  • Greater Cleveland Minority Business Professional Networking Program - Greater Cleveland minority business professional(s) will speak with for ABMS members and discuss timely business issues and how to develop business skills outside the classroom.  Exclusive program for ABMS members
  • Academic support services
  • Build relationships with other minority business students
  • Learn about CSU minority related organizations and services
  • Attend various Greater Cleveland Business related events and conferences
  • Learn about other College of Business organizations
  • Learn about other minority business related organizations

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