Online MBA

Getting Started

Get Started on your Mobile Accelerated MBA at Cleveland State University

Welcome to the Online Accelerated MBA program. This guide is intended for students who have been accepted into the Online AMBA program. If you'd like to join the next cohort, apply today.

The Online Accelerated MBA program is a rigorous, accredited and affordable MBA program that can be completed in one year. Designed for highly-motivated individuals, all courses are offered in a mobile format, so you don't have to put your personal and professional life on hold while working to develop your career to its fullest potential.

Please read this guide completely and carefully. Follow the instructions below to prepare your computer, iPad and apps for participation in the program.

Online and Mobile Components

This program is offered at a distance using a Learning Management System (Blackboard), supplemented by several online resources and mobile applications. You will also need access to a computer with an Internet connection. The courses in the Online Accelerated MBA program use Blackboard Learn, accessed through an internet browser, as the foundation on which all other elements are organized. Blackboard is the primary entry point to all course materials.

Each course has a separate space (course shell) where you will find all the materials and resources you need to complete the course. Your instructors are available to you in each course shell via their preferred method of communication, which may include email, messages, discussions, chat, etc. Each course contains "Start Here" and "Course Information" sections. You should review these sections for the welcome and orientation to each course, course syllabus and other important information, such as course policies and expectations.

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

The program uses all McGraw-Hill electronic textbooks. Links to the CouseSmart website are available from within the Blackboard course, for your convenience, but you can also access these directly through the CourseSmart site or app. There are also numerous supplemental materials, presentations, videos, self-assessments, etc. available for the texts. These are integrated into the Blackboard system, and are available to you throughout the Blackboard course.

Getting Your Technology in Order

This section will guide you through the steps to set up your technology so that you are ready to hit the ground running. After completing this section, you will have:

  • Obtained a CSU ID and password
  • Prepared your computer and internet browser for use with Blackboard Learn
  • Logged into Blackboard Learn
  • Configured your iPad (if you are adding text books to your personal device)
  • Installed your required and recommended apps

Obtain a CSU ID and Password

A CSU ID and password are important because you will use them to log into any CSU system, including Blackboard Learn, CSU Email and CampusNet. CampusNet is an online portal for access to student records, registration and additional information.

  • Once your application and admission to Cleveland State University has been processed, you will receive a letter regarding access to university systems. You may be given an ID number and/or a temporary password. If you need assistance in obtaining this information, call CSU's Information Services and Technology call center at 216.687.5050. They can retrieve your ID number and/or reset your password in order for you to access university systems.
  • If your application is in process and you have not been issued an ID number, contact Caryn Lanzo in the Center for Instructional Media Services and Distance Education at She can issue a temporary login for Blackboard for your use only until your CSU ID is issued.

Prepare Your Computer and Internet Browser for Use with Blackboard Learn

Students need Internet access to connect to Blackboard. A broadband connection is preferred. Technical requirements and internet browser information are available here.

Log into the CSU Blackboard Learn System

Logging into Blackboard will synchronize your courses and your textbooks, which you will need if you are choosing to use iPad apps, specifically Blackboard Mobile and CourseSmart, to work correctly. You can log in here. You can also get to the Blackboard Login page by visiting the CSU website; go to My CSU, then choose Blackboard under Academic Resources for Students. Once you have logged into Blackboard Learn, you will see four courses in your account:

  • Online Accelerated MBA Student Orientation to Blackboard
  • MBA 600 - Team Dynamics
  • MKT 601 - Marketing Strategy
  • ACT 600 - Managerial Accounting

Specifically, you should go through the Orientation course in its entirety. For each of the program courses, you should review the Start Here and Course Information sections of the courses, which include important information on the policies and procedures of each course, syllabus and course expectations.

There are two steps that you will need to complete in order to access the McGraw-Hill Connect site for each course, and the textbook via CourseSmart for each course.

1. Access McGraw-Hill Connect Throughout Each Course (Excluding the Orientation Course)

Several areas of your courses are integrated with McGraw-Hill Connect, which provides resources associated with the textbooks. In some cases, your instructors may assign items from Connect via Blackboard, so it is imperative that you have access to this site via Blackboard. For each of your courses, there is a link in the Start Here folder to the McGraw-Hill Library for that course. There is also a registration code that you will use when you sign in to McGraw-Hill Connect. Use your CSU email address to register for Connect, and then use the code given for each course. The code is different in each class to align with the textbook for that class.

2. Use CourseSmart to Obtain eTextbooks

Set up your access to your textbooks through the Orientation course on Blackboard. Once in the orientation course, choose Messages from the Course Menu on the left. Messages is the internal messaging for each course in Blackboard. In your messages, you will have an email with the ISBN and coupon codes for your textbooks. You will need these to register for your textbooks via CourseSmart. Once you have your codes, click on CourseSmart from the Course Menu on the left. This will take you to the CourseSmart website. From this page, create an account using your CSU email address as your login. Once your account is created, you will be directed to a screen where you can enter the redemption codes for your textbooks and add them to your account.

Repeat these steps to add each additional book. You should have three books total (McShane, M: Organizational Behavior; Belch, Advertising and Promotion; and Grewal, Marketing). There are links on the Course Menu for CourseSmart so you can access them from each course. You will also download the CourseSmart app on your iPad so you have them available there as well. You only have to add the books to your account the first time. Once you have done this, they will appear each time you login via a browser or the CourseSmart app.

Next Steps

Return to Blackboard and review the Orientation course in its entirety. For each of the program courses, you should review the Start Here and Course Information sections of the course, which include important information on the policies and procedures of each course, syllabus and course expectations.

For additional questions, please contact the MBA and Graduate Programs Office:


Monte Ahuja College of Business

1860 East 18th Street, BU 327

phone: 216.687.3730