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GlobalReach Program Series

The Global Business Center at Cleveland State University’s Monte Ahuja College of Business is pleased to announce the GlobalReach Program Series: One-day practical programs that provide in-depth education in global strategy for suppliers, service firms and manufacturers in Northeast Ohio. The GlobalReach Program was designed to train U.S. companies to compete globally by providing current information, best practices and networking opportunities. The GlobalReach Program will familiarize you with the protocols of international business and provide the skills you need to prosper in the global market.


Programs start at 8:00 a.m. and run until 2:30 p.m.

Program One: Global Market Entry
Program Two : Import Compliance
Program Three: Global Supply Chain Management
Program Four : Emerging Markets
Program Five: Global Cash Management

Who Should Attend

Participants are professionals from small to medium sized suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in Northeast Ohio who are responsible for researching, investigating or implementing international growth strategies.


$55 per session;  CSU Alumni pay $45 per session.

More Information

For further information on the GlobalReach Program Series, contact the Global Business Center at (216) 687-4750 or


Register online at:

Register by phone at (216) 687-4750 or fax the completed registration form to (216) 687-9331 or mail it to Cleveland State University, Monte Ahuja College of Business, Global Business Center, 2121 Euclid Ave., BU 327, Cleveland, OH 44115


Program One:

Global Market Entry

A tactical approach is discussed to enable effective global market entry strategies and provide companies with the skills, resources and expertise needed to be successful in the international market. A comprehensive worldwide strategy will enable companies to take advantage of the opportunities and conquer challenges offered by various countries.

Various topics will be discussesd, these include:

  • Market entry options
  • Different entry strategies
  • Global strategy development
  • Selection of a target market
  • Resources required

Program Two:

Import Compliance

This program addresses key areas and internal procedures required to meet CustOMS Modernization standards (Mod) and Import regulations. Importers will gain insight to current policies and laws that are essential elements in international trade.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Import Documents
  • Marking Requirements
  • Managing Brokers
  • Record-keeping Requirements and Audits
  • Penalties

Program Three:

Global Supply Chain Management

With increased globalization and offshore sourcing, global supply chain management is becoming an important issue for many businesses. Compliance has increased due to economic and political uncertainties around the world. There is pressure to deliver low-cost products with quality assurance in shorter time. Essential elements of the global supply chain will be discussed to enable you to decrease costs, create value and improved service. These include:

  • Greening the Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Security Distributor Agreements

Program Four:

Emerging Markets

Many multinational corporations look at either the macro factors or the market factors, but few pay attention to both. To be successful and conquer an emerging market, you need to identify a country's power centers, such as its bureaucracy, media, and civil society, and determine checks and balances in place. This program will enable you to identify target countries and understand the differences between home markets and those in developing countries. Major topics to be discussed include:

  • Political and Social Systems
  • Product Markets
  • Labor Markets
  • Capital Markets

Program Five:

Global Cash Management

With extensive global opportunities, there is the need to manage and optimize your cash flows and working capital. By understanding these components, you will have the time and means to concentrate on other areas of your business.

The following topics will be presented:

  • Global payments
  • Check services
  • Liquidity Management
  • Financial Supply Chain Management
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