Paul J. Everson Real Estate Center

The Paul J. Everson Center for the Study of Real Estate Brokerage/Agency and Markets was established with a gift from Mr. Paul J. Everson and helps support real estate activities in three distinct areas: research, education and community outreach.

Now called the Paul J. Everson Real Estate Center, the Center’s mission is to serve as the leading resource for the Cleveland area real estate professionals and students in ways to enhance their knowledge, competence and career opportunities in real estate and brokerage services. The Center strives to achieve these objectives through academic preparation, certificate programs, seminars, continuing education and other support activities.

The Center is housed in the Monte Ahuja College of Business within the Finance Department. For additional information, please contact:

Director: Linda Kane, Executive in Residence, Interim Director
Phone: 216.875.9885
Website: Visit the Paul J. Everson Real Estate Center here.