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Looking Backwards to Move Forward

Robert F. Scherer, Dean
Robert F. Scherer, Dean

Welcome back to campus our students, faculty, and staff for another exciting year. This semester marks the start of our 10th academic year in Monte Ahuja Hall. As we mark the completion of one decade in our campus home, it is important to look back at our beginning, in order to appreciate how far the college has come, and to gain insight into where we can go.

Cleveland State University has a rich and colorful history. CSU is the successor of Fenn College, and officially formed as the university we know today in 1965.  Interestingly, the roots of Fenn College date back to the late 19th century, when the Cleveland YMCA offered an education program. The YMCA believed that higher education would improve the lives of individuals and could enrich entire communities.  The YMCA programs continued to grow until college credit courses were offered in 1923.

The foremost goal of the early college program was to provide a high-quality, affordable higher education to Cleveland students, a value that we uphold today. The first college credit classes were offered in engineering and business, based on the belief that these were the skills most needed to advance the Cleveland economy. The YMCA program became Fenn College in 1929, making it more likely for the college to receive accreditation.

The success of Fenn College in its early years is largely attributed to the dedication of its faculty and the quality of its curriculum. Classes have always been offered during the evenings and weekends to allow working students access to higher education. Fenn faculty also took a personal role in recruiting students; they often visited prospective students in their homes explaining the importance of higher education. The student body of Fenn was always diverse. The first female students were admitted in 1918 when the college was still part of the YMCA education program. Minority students joined Fenn in the late 1920’s, and the international population greatly expanded during the 1940’s.

Fenn operated on the belief that students should receive both an education and experience. In 1935 the Cooperative Education program was adopted to provide students with internships while still in school. The program required students to participate in an internship, or hold some other kind of relevant employment during their formal education.

Due to its location and large working student population, Fenn College had a distinctly urban feel.  The student body had a strong sense of community; they were very involved in civic organizations, fraternities, sororities, and sports. In 1937 when the university decided to purchase [what is now known as] Fenn Tower, the student body of around 2,000 raised over $12,000 themselves for the project. Fenn filled the new space rapidly, continuing to attract a diverse student population.

Promoting diversity has always been important to CSU. In1946 Fenn hosted a conference for all Cleveland area high schools on the importance of living with different races.  Students at Cleveland State University and its predecessor Fenn College have always displayed a dedication not only to their own education, but to their school and community as well. Perhaps that dedication accounts for the fact that an estimated 85% of Fenn alumni remained in the Cleveland area, contributing to the growth of our regional economy.
Timeless Values

If we look back on our early history as a college, we see that our core values haven’t changed. Fenn College recognized the value that an affordable high-quality education can bring to its students and the local economy.  The college has a long tradition of embracing diversity and making our programs accessible to students of any age, race, occupation, or socio-economic level. The Nance College of Business Administration traces back to the first business courses taught in 1923, born out of the belief that this was the area needed to bring innovative practices to the region. Dedicated faculty who went beyond a classroom setting helped to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to actualize their career goals.  

Today, Nance continues its tradition of innovation, faculty dedication, and student services, working to fulfill our mission of "Driving the global significance, economic vitality, and sustainability of the northeast Ohio region through business education, research, innovation, leadership, and collaboration." In the next issue we will look at the unique contributions that the Nance College of Business has made to its students, the university, and the region since 1965 when Fenn College became Cleveland State University. 

The historical information mentioned above was derived from Fenn College, a publication of The Cleveland State University Library and Arcadia Publishing, (2005).

Nance Receives $1 Million Gift

Paul J. Everson

The Nance College of Business Administration recently received a generous $1 million gift from Paul J. Everson. The gift will be used to create the Paul J. Everson Center for the Study of Real Estate Brokerage/Agency and Markets, and the Paul J. Everson Endowed Distinguished Professorship. This provides the Finance Department with the resources needed to expand the real estate concentration. Students will benefit from the services of a center exclusively devoted to the study of Real Estate Finance. The Endowed Distinguished Professorship brings support in research and education to the Finance program.

Paul Everson’s donation enables the Nance College of Business to further engage students in valuable academic and practical learning experiences. Dr. James Webb, Finance professor and Director, Center for Real Estate Brokerage and Markets, has several goals that can now be made possible. Dr. Webb would like to eventually hold half day seminars in Real Estate Brokerage that would take place every 1-2 years. Dr. Webb would also like to use some of the donation to extend the research capabilities of the center. Dr. Webb is pleased to see that the Mr. Everson’s donation seems to have generated a renewed interest in Real Estate Brokerage among faculty members.   

Mr. Everson said that his gift “maintains the Real Estate program at CSU forever, and makes the Center for Real Estate Brokerage and Markets more unified."  Mr. Everson also foresees that has donation will have a lasting affect on Real Estate professionals in the community, allowing them “to take their careers to the next level, expanding into the investment grade."  Paul J. Everson has led a distinguished career in the area of real estate. He practiced real estate for more than 40 years in Northeast Ohio, working to advance his field as a broker, agent, developer, and educator. Mr. Everson has served as president of the Cleveland Area Board of Realtors, the Ohio Association of Realtors, the Northeast Ohio Apartment Association, the Euclid Development Corporation and the Ohio Real Estate Commission. He also has been a director and/or trustee of the Real Estate Political Education Committee, the National Association of Realtors and the Ohio Real Estate Commission. Mr. Everson is retired the president of Paul J. Everson & Associates, and continues to contribute to the study of real estate in the Northeast Ohio region. In 1992 he established the Paul J. Everson Scholarship Fund, and continues to be a strong supporter of our students at the Nance College of Business Administration.

EMBA Class of 2009 Visits Turkey and Greece

International Study Tour is Integral Part of Curriculum

EMBA Class of 2009 in Turkey
EMBA Class of 2009 in Turkey.

The Executive MBA class of 2009 took their overseas tour to Turkey and Greece on May 17-29.  The tour was organized and led by Dr. Oya Tukel and Ms. Patricia Hite, and was a great success.  The trip consisted of nine visits to companies and organizations, five in Turkey and four in Greece. The first three company visits in Turkey were in the Istanbul area. Two were financial institutions, which discussed the Turkish economy. The other visit was at a state of the art pharmaceutical company. The group then went on to Bursa, the original capital of the Ottoman Empire, and the center of the textile industry in Turkey.  At Bursa they had the opportunity to visit a mid sized family- owned textile firm, and a Renault auto assembly plant. 

The group then continued their tour in the historic city of Athens. They visited local businesses S&B minerals, an industrial minerals plant and Danaos Shipping, one of the largest shipping companies. They also visited two non-industrial organizations: the ALBA School of Business and the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board. The trade board is a governmental organization to promote exports, while ALBA is one of the few privately operated institutes of higher education in Greece.  It offers only an MBA and other business masters degrees. 

Throughout the trip, the group was very impressed with the effort all the organizations took to make the visits a success, and how excited they were to communicate with the class. It was a very informative experience. Of course, in addition to the company visits there was also time for some sightseeing. The highlights in Turkey included the tour of Hagia Sofia, the cruise on the bosphorus, and the tour of Ephesus. In Greece the highlights were the swim in the Aegean on Samos and the visit to the Acropolis.

This field-based course is designed for students to understand the implications of being part of European Union. Specifically, students learned about challenges of conducting business in a candidate country such as Turkey and a full member country such as Greece. They also got a chance to compare business environments as well as trade regulations, politics, culture, and religion in the two countries. They visited many historically and religiously important sites, tasted many different cuisines, and learned how to be a savvy traveler.   

Short term Study Abroad Programs Exclusively Offered During Semester Breaks

Students on study tour in Chile
Students tour the Lota Old Coal Mine in Lota, Chile.

Short term Faculty-led study abroad programs are now more versatile, being offered during semester breaks. Expand your knowledge of international business and earn course credit while participating in an incredible life experience. Short term programs designed for Nance students take place during semester breaks in Paris, Germany, England, and Chile. Students are able to visit renowned companies in these countries, conduct specific research and planning assignments, and earn course credit. They also have an opportunity to sightsee and interact with students from another culture.

There has recently been a significant increase in the number of Nance students deciding to participate in short term study abroad programs led by faculty. A study abroad experience teaches students skills that are marketable in the business workplace. Employers look for those who have an understanding of international business practices and who have learned to conduct research by another country’s standards. Study abroad programs provide students with the opportunity to connect with business leaders and to conduct projects that they would encounter in the work place. 

During the winter break of 2009, a short term program will be offered in Paris. Students can earn 3 credit hours towards their degree, tour French companies, and attend a lecture at the ESSCA University in Paris. The program will provide students with a unique, French view of retail management, services operations, and global manufacturing. Students gain insight into conducting global business by French standards. 

A faculty led study abroad program in Germany will take place during the spring break of 2009. Students are able to visit renowned companies in Heidenheim, Munich, and Berlin. This company tour gives students hands on experience and a global view of how European and German businesses are run. The program is conducted through a partnership with the Berufsakademie Heidenheim and earns the students three credit hours. Students have a chance to interact with German students at Heidenheim, letting them experience the local culture firsthand.

The summer break of 2009 will provide an opportunity for students to attend a program at Buckinghamshire New University in England. Student groups conduct international research projects for Cleveland area companies. Once in London, they have the resources available to answer the concerns of the companies. The program allows students to earn four credit hours.

During the fall break of 2009, students and a faculty member visit Chile.  Students have the unique opportunity to visit multinational companies, earn three credit hours and complete a strategy project for each organization. They will be exposed to the business environment of Chile and will gain actual experience in completing an international business plan.

The short term study abroad programs offered during the semester breaks of 2009 make it more convenient for Nance students to gain career experience in international business. Setting themselves apart from other graduates, students who participate in these programs have experience in completing international research and planning projects. They are also able to connect with business leaders from other cultures. If students are interested in earning credit hours through one of these unique experiences, they should contact the Department of Marketing at 216.687.4771 or

Nance Becomes Host Institution for NASBITE International

exampleThe Nance College of Business Administration was recently selected to serve as the host institution for NASBITE International, (North American Small Business International Trade Educators). NASBITE International is a professional organization for the global business community whose mission is to advance the practice of global business. The organization is compiled of global business educators and trainers at academic institutions, trade specialists at federal, state, and local trade assistance organizations, and global business practitioners.

Our own Colette Taddy Hart, Director of Outreach and Business Centers at Nance, was recently nominated to the Board of Governors of NASBITE International. The normal term for membership on the Board of Governors is three years. Colette was nominated to the board based on her commitment to and involvement in international trade education, her leadership in international business development, training, technical assistance programs in Northeast Ohio, and her ability to serve as a liaison.

The current goals of NASBITE International focus on raising the level of practice in the field, providing professionals with development goals and helping international companies showcase competency. NASBITE also works to share global business information and sources between educators and professionals. The organization offers professional development for small to medium sized international companies, including advocacy and leadership. Nance is pleased to serve as a host institution for NASBITE. This experience allows for a greater exchange of dialogue between our faculty and business professionals. It also provides additional resources for our Global Business Center, allowing them to better serve small to medium sized businesses in the Northeast Ohio area.

Nance Welcomes New Academic and Career Advisors

Karen Lieske
Karen Lieske, Career Coordinator (Anne Nelson, not pictured)

The Nance College of Business Administration would like to welcome two new members who have joined our staff to better assist our students. Karen Lieske is a new Career Coordinator and Anne Nelson is a new Undergraduate Advisor. 

Karen Lieske has career experience in public administration, not for profit sectors, and education. She also worked for CSU in the past, as a project manager in the College of Urban Affairs.  Karen enjoys being back at CSU, appreciating “the whole culture, environment, and the important role the college plays in the greater Cleveland community." In the time she has spent in her new position, Karen has been impressed by the level of dedication of Nance students.

As a Career Coordinator for graduate students, Karen helps provide students with the skills they need to successfully enter the business workforce. She held three workshops in August to help students gain skills, and plans on holding regular workshops throughout the academic year. Karen also works with employers to help them find qualified students. She says that her goal as a Career Coordinator is to help make a difference in a positive way, and to help students feel more connected to the university.

Anne Nelson recently joined our staff as a new Undergraduate Advisor. She has worked at CSU for the past seven years, and previously was employed as the Interim Assistant Director of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences’ new Advising Center. She has also worked at the former General Advising Center, giving her experience in assisting CSU students in a variety of settings. Anne said that she has found the Nance College of Business Administration to have a unique, innovative atmosphere.

As an Advisor to the undergraduate students, Anne is available to assist students with any concerns they might have about their academic pursuits. Anne says that her goal as an Advisor is to “help students develop their goals and dreams so they can not just graduate, but find a good job as well." She is focusing on expanding the advising program for first year students, who often need additional advice about major programs in relationship to career goals. She plans on working with local high schools to help with recruiting efforts. A long term goal of Anne’s is to integrate technology with recruiting efforts.

Karen Lieske and Anne Nelson are both dedicated to helping students at the Nance College of Business Administration. Interested students can set up an appointment with Karen through contacting the Career Services Center at 216.687.2233. Students can also email her directly at, and can also feel free to just drop at BU213 if she has time available. Students can reach Anne by using the convenient online appointment scheduling system. They can also stop in at BU219 to set up in appointment, or can call by phone at 216.687.3729.

Student Passes the PHR Exam, Earns Scholarship

Laural Wagner
Laural Wagner

Students Laural Wagner recently passed the PHR (Professional is Human Resources) certification exam. Laural and fellow student Omar Morales are also recipients of the Cleveland SHRM/Annetta J. Moore Certification Scholarship, each received an amount $500. The Cleveland SHRM professional Chapter will recognize the students for their outstanding accomplishments at their first yearly meeting, being held on September 26. Congratulations to Laural Wagner and Omar Morales for their accomplishments.

Nance Co-sponsors Rotary Club of Cleveland Business Leadership Awards

Business Leadership Award Winners
Pictured (left to right): Front Row-- Deborah R. Pickens, Director­SCM Functional Excellence, Eaton Corporation; Ryan Mifsud, General Manager, Aero-Instruments; Jeanne Bluffstone, Founder and President, Bluffstone Public Relations; William J. Centa, President, Mayfran Holdings, Inc.; Gary R. Fix, President, CEO & Managing Officer, First Federal of Lakewood.
Back Row--Dr. Robert F. Scherer, Dean, Nance College of Business, Cleveland State University; Donna D. Rhodes, President, Greater Cleveland Chapter, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD); Nancy Delac, Manager­Supply Chain, Eaton Corporation; Alan Lupus, Senior Account Manager, MAGNET, Inc.; Steve Millard, Executive Director, Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE); Randy Nemetz, Director of Global Development, MAGNET, Inc.; Gerald P. Jarzabek, Vice President, Rotary Club of Cleveland; Les Jacobs, Vice President, Administration, Mayfran International; Dr. Edward G. Thomas, Professor of Marketing, Nance College of Business, and Program Coordinator.

The 12th Annual Business Leadership Awards Program was held in May of 2008, sponsored by the Nance College of Business Administration and the Rotary Club of Cleveland, in cooperation with four other Cleveland area organizations. The Awards program highlighted the achievements of five local companies. Eaton Corporation was honored for outstanding training and employee development, Aero-Instruments for quality service, Jeanne Bluffstone of Bluffstone Public Relations in entrepreneurship, Mayfran International in global business, and First Federal of Lakewood for community service leadership. The four organizations that identified award candidates and helped to determine the winners were: Greater Cleveland Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), MAGNET, Inc. (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network), Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), World Trade Center Cleveland—A Division of MAGNET, and The Rotary Club of Cleveland.

Dean Robert F. Scherer served as master of ceremonies for the awards presentations. He stressed that the award recipients should be recognized not only for their achievements in business practices, but also for creating an environment that focuses on excellence within their organizations. The Nance College of Business Administration was proud to co-sponsor the event and honor companies who have fulfilled principles that coincide with our mission statement of “Driving the global significance, economic vitality, and sustainability of the northeast Ohio region through business education, research, innovation, leadership, and collaboration."

Dr. Javalgi receives Best Paper Award

Dr. Raj Javalgi
Dr. Raj Javalgi

Dr. Raj Javalgi, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Research,  co- authored a paper entitled “Foreign Market Entry Mode of Service Firms: The Case of U.S. MBA Programs” that received the Best Conference Paper Award at the Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference held at Vancouver, Canada. Fellow co- authors included Dr. Czinkota, Dr. Grossman, and Dr. Nugent. Dr. Javalgi said he was very pleased to have been recognized by his peers for his research on this topic.

Meet the EMBA Class of 2010

EMBA Class of 2010
EMBA Class of 2010

Maher Al-Mzaian, Charter One Bank
Reggie Arnold, Arnold Trucking Company, Inc.
Stanley Betts Jr., Children’s Community Access Program, Inc.
Greg Chaplin, EMH Regional Medical Center
Joseph Chura, Developers Diversified Realty
Harsha Chand Dayalal, ThoughtWorks, Ltd.
Jerry Flynn, IMB
James Garrison, Vitamix Corporation
Lisa James, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Edward Keck, KeyBank
George Kiarie, The Robbins Company
Kunal Pathak, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Peter Martin, Philips Healthcare
Mark McLean, Invengine
Erika McDaniel, CGI
Jeannie Sowers, Continental Airlines
Dennis Sowell, Bank of America
William Stieve, Graphic Packaging
Christine Thomas, National City Corp.
Karen Tingley, Kaiser Permanente
Lillie Wang-Walsh, Curtiss Wright Flow Control/Farris Engineering
Sameh Yonan, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Successful Team-building Session for NSHMBA Officers

NSHMBA Team Building Session
Facilitator Susan Freimark directs the NSHMBA team-building session

Thanks to the support of the Nance College of Business at CSU, the Cleveland Chapter of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, NSHMBA, recently held a very productive team building session, facilitated by Susan Freimark, expert in non-profit management.

The session was oriented to help the officers to develop themselves as leaders in the organization, improve their ability to work more productively toward accomplishing the Chapter’s goals, and increase their understanding and appreciation for the contribution of the work of every member.

For the President of the Chapter, Artemio San Martin, these opportunities are the best way to make the Chapter stronger and accomplish NSHMBA’s mission: professional development in order to improve society. He also expressed gratitude to the College of Business for making the training possible and for all the support the College has given to the Chapter since its inception.

The National Society of Hispanic MBAs was created in 1988 as a non-profit organization, whose mission is to foster Hispanic leadership through graduate management education and professional development in order to improve society. It serves 32 chapters and 7,000 members in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. In October 2007, the Cleveland Chapter in formation was granted full status and since then the organization has provided continuing education, professional and leadership development and research.

For more information about NSHMBA and the Cleveland Chapter please visit:

Nance-sponsored softball team

CSU-sponsored Softball Team
Team CSU

The Nance College of Business sponsored a softball team made up iof students and CSU alumni. The team played in a co-ed league in the City of Beachwood from May 9-August 6. They took 3rd place.

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