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Up Front with Dean Scherer

Robert F. Scherer, Dean
Robert F. Scherer, Dean

In our last issue we discussed the early history of CSU and our Nance College of Business. In this issue we will highlight some of the more important events that occurred in our college from the start of CSU in 1964 until we moved into Monte Ahuja Hall in 1998. This period was challenging, but productive and promising. It was during this period that we realized many significant accomplishments that have shaped the academic institution we are today.

When CSU began, the Nance College of Business functioned as an applied vocational school. We did not yet have a permanent home as a college. Business classes and our faculty offices were located in Quonset huts left over from the post World War II era. With the arrival of Dr. William E. Schlender as Dean in 1966, we began to be recognized as a distinct college within CSU. The first Bachelor of Business Administration degrees were granted in 1966. The Master of Business Administration degree was first offered in 1969. In 1970, we officially became the James J. Nance College of Business Administration, and from this beginning we embarked on an era of expansion and program formation.

The 1970s were marked by a growth in enrollment and degree programs. Due to the efforts of our faculty members, programs were developed at a rapid pace. Our academic departments in Accounting and Business Law, Computer and Information Science, Finance, Management and Labor Relations, Marketing, and Quantitative Business Analysis (now named Operations Management and Business Statistics) formed. We also increased our degree program offerings, adding the B.S. and M.S. in Computer and Information Science, and the Master of Accountancy and Financial Information Systems. The College began to offer specialized programs to better meet the needs of our student body. The Executive MBA program was developed in 1979, and continues to provide business leaders to the region’s workforce. Various centers, such as the Bureau of Business Research and the Industrial Relations Center were begun.

One of our most notable achievements came in 1974 when our business programs achieved accreditation by AACSB, then called the “American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business.” In 1978 we also received specialized accreditation for our Accounting program. Today the organization is known as AACSB International, the “Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business,” and is recognized as the world’s premier professional accrediting agency for management education. There are only 555 schools worldwide to hold professional accreditation from AACSB International, and only 169 of them boast accreditation in both Business and Accounting.

Business school enrollment declined nationally during the recession of the late 1980’s and early 1990s. A more focused understanding of market demands led to further program development. The Health Care Administration program was added in the 1980’s. The Master of Labor Relations and Human Resources program accepted its first students in 1982. We expanded our graduate degree offerings to include the Doctor of Business Administration degree in 1988, and the Accelerated MBA program in 1994. During this time, the importance of research was emphasized, and our faculty members became recognized for their research, teaching, and outreach to the business community. “Brown Bag” colloquiums were conducted to share innovative research with the University community. Our international roots began to take shape, and we produced several Fulbright Scholars.

In May 1997 we prepared to move into Monte Ahuja Hall, the building that has become our home. Far from our humble beginnings in Quonset huts, our move into this state-of-the-art six-story building symbolized a new level of achievement for our college. Our success was largely due to the commitment of our faculty, who continued to engage students through innovative teaching methods and new and unique partnerships with the business community. In our next issue, we will take a look at the major strides our college has made in the ten years since moving into our permanent home.

Featured Student Shadie Andraos

Shadie Andraos
Shadie Andraos

Shadie Andraos is a student at the Nance College of Business Administration who exemplifies engaged learning. Shadie is a Finance major who will graduate this May. He has been an Honors student since his freshmen year and maintains a GPA of 3.8. In addition to his academic achievements, Shadie is involved in a myriad of academic, professional, campus and community based organizations.

Shadie Andraos is a native Clevelander, but as a military dependent he spent his childhood in different parts of the world. Shadie has maintained an international focus in his education. During his Sophomore Year he studied abroad in Heidenheim Germany in the E-Commerce with Dr. Santosh Misra, who Shadie said is a “phenomenal professor and organizes truly exceptional study abroad programs.” He also enjoyed studying in Paris during his junior year in the program led by Professor Donna Davisson.

Shadie has completed several internships, including at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Forest City Enterprises. This past summer he completed an internship at Leehman Brothers in New York, where he worked as an analyst in Fixed Income Exotics Trading and Structured Products. Shadie has received a job offer from Barclay’s PLC.

During his freshmen and sophomore year Shadie served as Chairman of the University Judicial Board. He was also a Student Representative to the University Honors Council in his sophomore year, and was Vice President of CSU Ambassadors as a sophomore and a junior. Last year he participated in CSU’s inaugural Entrepreneurship Consortium Team. In his junior year he was also involved in the L’Oreal E-Strat Online Business Competition. His team placed in the top 10 amongst all US teams in the online business simulation, besting several Ivy League teams in the process.

Shadie is currently organizing a team to compete in the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) Government Finance Case Challenge. This competition has undergraduate students collaborate on how a U.S. city government could implement a performance management system. In his sophomore year he received the Who’s Who among College Students Award. This year he was chosen as one of eight students to participate in the Student Managed Invest Fund.

Last year he began volunteering with Junior Achievement of Greater Cleveland, teaching Financial Literacy courses to juniors and seniors of local high schools. Shadie said “The faculty has been phenomenal in every regard, and tremendously supportive of my endeavors. I especially enjoyed courses in Statistics with Dr. Chung, Finance courses with Professor Mastrandrea and Professor Raimer, and all of my other business courses.” Shadie is planning on completing in MBA in the future. His advice to fellow undergraduate students is to “Take advantage of every organization, club and opportunity while you are in school.”

Featured Alumnus Dave Lowery, MBA '96

Dave Lowery in the KeyCar
Dave Lowery.

Dave Lowery graduated with an MBA from CSU in 1996, and since that time he has led a dynamic career in marketing. After earning his MBA with a concentration in marketing, Dave became Vice President of Marketing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. In this unique position, Dave was involved in several exciting aspects of the Cav’s marketing efforts, such as promotions, game entertainment, expanding fan interest and sales. Dave truly enjoyed the time he spent with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but eventually moved on in order to broaden his professional experiences. Dave became the Director of Marketing for the retail chain Things Remembered. Later, Dave was hired as the Vice President of Marketing for Key Bank, a position that he has led for six years. 

As the Vice President of Marketing for Key Bank, Dave holds a wide range of responsibilities. Focusing on the Northeast Ohio area, he develops events and seminars, manages sponsorships, establishes promotions with local industry partners, and is involved in hospitality. Dave also helps Key Bank deliver on its commitment to the community through charitable giving. In fact, he was instrumental in helping to establish the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF). This program allows select students to gain experience investing real money, and any profit gained will be used to provide scholarships for minority students with financial needs. Dave welcomed the opportunity to collaborate on a project that helps to give back to his Alma Matter. “To have students use real money is the best way for them to learn, it will give them real world experience and will make them better prepared to enter the Northeast Ohio workforce. This is the first time that Key Bank has been involved in a SMIF project. We are very excited about working with CSU, and we are confident that they will make good partners,” Dave said. 

Dave regards outreach to the Northeast Ohio community as one of the most rewarding aspects of his job. “I enjoy being involved with a variety of organizations in the local area. I get to work with arts organizations, economic development agencies, as well as a number of private and not-for-profit organizations,” he said. 

Dave credits the quality of education he received at the Nance College of Business with helping to prepare him for his professional life. “Many of our instructors were professionals in the field, and it was very beneficial to have them bring real world experience back into the classroom,” Dave said. In particular, Dave enjoyed courses in International Business and Business Ethics. Dave received the “Director of Sales and Marketing Executive Award” in 2006. He has been married for 20 years to his wife Margey, who is also a CSU alumnus. They live in Bay Village with their three children.   

Dr. Storrud-Barnes receives Appointment to the Journal of Management

Dr. Susan Storrud-Barnes
Dr. Storrud-Barnes

Dr. Susan Storrud-Barnes, Assistant Professor of Strategy in the Management and Labor Relations Department, has been appointed as an editor to the prestigious Journal of Management. The publication is comprised of empirical and theoretical research articles concerning several different aspects of the management field. Research covers new perspectives on areas such as business strategy, business policy, human resource management, organizational behavior and theory and research methods. The Journal of Management is considered an “A” publication, and has an acceptance rate of 4%. It is produced biannually by Sage Publications. 

Dr. Storrud-Barnes has reviewed articles for the journal for the past three years, and was asked to serve on the editorial board based on the quality of her past reviews. She will serve for a three year term. During her tenure in the position, she will review approximately 8-10 articles per year. She will check articles for content, make sure that the research was performed correctly, and will suggest editorial changes. Based on her recommendations and two other reviewers, the article will either be accepted for publication or rejected. As a member of the editorial board, Dr. Storrud-Barnes was pleased by her appointment, and is committed to working with colleagues from different institutions to ensure the continued quality of this publication. Dr. Storrud Barnes’ research is concerned with strategic management, innovation management, and international entry, and is macro-economic oriented. Dr. Barnes has published in the Journal of Management. 

Colette Taddy Hart appointed to Community Advisory Board of the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women

Colette Taddy Hart
Colette Taddy Hart

Colette Taddy Hart, Director of Outreach and Business Centers for the Nance College of Business Administration, was recently appointed to the Community Advisory Board of the distinguished Flora Stone Mather Center for Women. The center resides at Case Western Reserve University, but serves women across Northeast Ohio. For more than 30 years, the Flora Stone Mather Center has developed a number of initiatives to enhance the personal and professional lives of women. The mission of the center is to “improve the educational, professional and social climate and to increase opportunities for women with in the University and community through education, advocacy and research.”

Colette was nominated for her position in August, and will serve on the Community Advisory Board for a three year term. She was asked to serve on the board because of her previous experience of working with women’s issues in the business environment. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Colette has been dedicated to improving the lives of women through education, social and economic based development programs. One of her most notable past experiences of working with women’s issues was the development an off campus community based college program for low-income women with the State University of New York and the Neighborhood Women of Williamsburg-Greenpoint. She has worked both in the local area and abroad to help women break into the area of small business development, including contributing to the initiation of the National Federation of Polish Women and a Slovakian Women’s Professional Business Center.

Colette said that her inclusion on the Community Advisory Board is a “great way for the Nance College of Business Administration to be involved with the community because our college represents women in business, and helps prepare future female business leaders.” The Community Advisory Board is composed of 20 members, most come from a background of business and industry. Colette said she was pleased to serve with such a “diverse group of board members that together brings of myriad of experience, helping to accomplish things locally for the women of Northeast Ohio.” The Board members host various events for the center, and a re currently working to organize “Get Out the Vote for Women,” a campaign involved in getting younger women engaged in the political process. Undoubtedly, Colette Taddy Hart’s has a lot to offer in terms of experience with women’s issues that will enable her to make a major contribution to this organization during her term on the Community Advisory Board for the Flora Stone Mather Center.

Faculty and Staff Kick- Off at TCP, Inc.

Faculty at TCP Warehouse
Nance Faculty in TCP Warehouse

The Nance faculty and staff kicked-off the semester with a visit to TCP, Inc. on September 18, 2008. The event was hosted by Mr. Ellis Yan, founder and chief executive of TCP, Inc. Mr. Yan is a Nance alumnus who received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting in 1982. In June 2008, Mr. Yan received the Distinguished Alumni Award. 

The faculty and staff enjoyed the tour and presentations given Mr. Ellis Yan and his senior management team. This event was designed to connect our faculty and staff with one of Ohio’s largest global manufacturers.

Discussions between Nance Faculty and the staff at TCP, Inc. focused on research and best practices in entrepreneurship and innovation. Specifically, the TCP management and staff shared best business practices that have contributed to TCP, Inc.’s outstanding success in today’s global environment. Nance faculty and staff had the opportunity to interact with senior managers, making valuable business connections. This event is one more example of how the Nance College of Business Administration actively engages to strengthen its relationship with the local business community, bringing knowledge, innovation, and business contacts to our students.

Stern ADVERTISING VP Presents at Nance

Senior Vice President of Stern Advertising, Stuart Glassman, gave an engaging presentation to Dr. Elad Granot’s MBA Integrated Marketing Communications course on September 17. The topic of the presentation was Disruption: Shaking Up the Marketplace. Mr. Glassman oversees several key account groups, heads up new business efforts and is a member of Stern’s Executive Committee and the Integer Group Leadership Committee. He is the first of five guest speakers who will present to Dr. Granot’s Fall 2008 section of MKT 606. The diverse backgrounds of the speakers include advertising agencies, eMarketing, and networking organizations, giving students a well-rounded perspective on the Integrated Marketing Communications profession. The presentations are designed to bring real world knowledge from successful professionals into students’ academic experience. This gives our students another opportunity to learn from- and network with senior professionals in their field. The presentations are free and open to the public.

New! Class Notes

José Feliciano, JD ’75, MBA ’84, has been appointed Chair of the Advisory Group for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.

Steve KirkSteve Kirk, MBA ‘79, was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in charge of the Lubrizol Additives and Lubrizol Additive Materials units. Steve Kirk serves as the Chair of the Nance College's Visiting Committee.

Dan Lawrence, MBA, PMP ’98, of Scottsdale, AZ was recently awarded his Toastmasters International Competent Leadership certificate for completing a number of projects in the Toastmasters leadership program.

Nga Nguyen, MBA ‘07 passed the CFA Level I exam held during June 2008.

Tanu Rishi, MBA ‘06 passed the CFA Level II exam held during June 2008.

Christopher M. WojtasikChristopher M. Wojtasik, BSCIS ‘84, MBA ’07, married for 24 years with three children is currently employed as the Director of Information Services for Worthington Precision Metals in Mentor, OH. Previous employers include LTV Steel, General Motors and Rockwell Automation. Chris serves as president of the CSU MBA Alumni Association and president of the Willoughby South High School Athletic Facilities Foundation.

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