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MAY 2008

Up Front:  The Value of Our Research for Engaging the Business Community

Dean Scherer
Dr. Robert Scherer, Dean, Nance College of Business

As we reach the end of the academic year and we take stock of our many achievements, I would like to underscore the importance of the outstanding research conducted by the faculty of our Nance College of Business and give you a preview of an exciting new initiative that will assist Northeast Ohio business leaders reap the benefits of this research. Within a business school, research is crucial to maintaining a contemporary and relevant curriculum. Research also plays a vital role in business innovation by providing business leaders with an authoritative perspective on critical issues they currently face, as well as highlighting emerging trends. It is fundamentally important that we continually transfer our knowledge to the business community.

A recent study conducted by the AACSB International Impact of Research Task Force found that students learn better from faculty members who have an applied understanding of the field (see UpFront in the January issue to learn about our Nance Applied Business Scholar program). Faculty engaged in research have a better understanding of the current and future needs of the field. The study concluded that managers look for workers who have both conceptual knowledge and the ability to think outside of the box. Research provides opportunities for critical analyses that are important to students’ professional preparation, and have an impact on society at large. One recent research study conducted by our MBA students and guided by Dr. Oya Tukel revealed the feasibility of making Northeast Ohio a hub for the emerging wind power industry.

A Nance faculty member who is an internationally recognized scholar has experienced firsthand the positive impact that her research has had on the community. “The research conducted by CSU provides several services to not-for-profit organizations and without this contribution from the university, several of these programs would not be possible,” says Dr. Georgia Anetzberger, Assistant Professor of Health Care Administration. “The Visiting Nurse Association is a not-for-profit organization that depends on the free research services we provide. This organization provides in-home health care for individuals who would otherwise not be able to see a doctor. As a researcher at a university in an urban area, I believe that we have an obligation to give back to our community, and this program has certainly done that.”

Dr. Anetzberger’s research for the VNA and its implications for the health care industry will be featured, along with other recent faculty research, in a new semi-annual applied research publication by our college. “This publication will provide Northeast Ohio business leaders with insight on the latest thinking and best practices and address the implications of changing managerial techniques, technologies, market trends, and regulatory issues,” says Ann Csongei, Communications Coordinator for the Nance College of Business. “We anticipate that this new publication will enhance collaboration between the business community and Nance faculty.”

This initiative is just one of the multiple ways we fulfill our mission to drive the global significance, economic vitality, and sustainability of the Northeast Ohio region through business education, research, innovation, leadership, and collaboration. The first issue of our applied research publication will be distributed this summer and it will also be available on our web site. We trust that you will enjoy our new publication and find the research immediately useful for your practice of management as well as your organization.


Featured Student: Kirsty McKechnie

Featured Student Kirsty McKechnie
Kirsty McKechnie

Kirsty McKechnie is in her second year of the MBA program. Originally from Durban, South Africa, Kirsty arrived at CSU on a swimming scholarship as an undergraduate in January 2003. While being an active member of the swim team from 2003-2006, she earned her BBA with majors in international business and finance. Kirsty decided to focus on finance in her MBA program.

Kirsty is recognized by her professors for her dedication and excellent academic performance. This summer she will intern at the prestigious IMG in their corporate finance division. Kirsty is president of the International Business Alliance. She also works as a graduate assistant in the Global Business Center. In addition to her interest in the corporate world of finance, Kirsty also has a creative entrepreneurial side. She designs her own clothing brand called Strung Clothing. She began designing the line three years ago, and has been successful in selling merchandise. Kirsty says that her hobbies involve art, design, swimming, and other athletic activities.

Kirsty has enjoyed her time in Cleveland and at CSU. She has had good experiences with all of her professors. She especially has enjoyed taking Professor Granot’s marketing class. “The class was very interesting and has changed the way I look at traditional marketing. It also allowed me to be creative,” Kirsty said. She likes the urban feel at CSU as well as the number of international students. She even enjoys the weather of Cleveland because, “I had never experienced the change of seasons before,” she said. Kirsty’s advice to students studying in their BBA or MBA programs is to “decide what you want, and go after it. You have to take initiative. No one can tell you what you can or can’t be. You decide for yourself.” After completing the MBA program Kirsty plans to stay in the U.S. and pursue a career in finance.


Featured Alumnus: Mike Seiler, DBA '97

Seiler Family
Mike Sieler with his wife Vicky and son Ryan

Dr. Michael Seiler earned his doctoral degree from CSU in 1997, with a concentration in finance. Currently, he is the Program Chair of Finance and Real Estate at Hawaii Pacific University. However, Dr. Seiler recently accepted a position as Professor of Finance and Robert M. Stanton Endowed Chair of Real Estate and Economic Development at Old Dominion University in Virginia. He will start his new post in fall of 2008.

Mike’s career has been filled with many accomplishments. His most recent book, Performing Financial Studies: A Methodological Cookbook, published in 2004, was well received; it has been translated into Chinese and is currently being sold in China. He also has two other published books, Becoming Fiscally Fit: How To Control Your Financial Future and Case Studies In Finance. In addition, he has several published research studies. Mike is an active member in the American Real Estate Society (ARES), an international organization founded by Nance professor Dr. James Webb. ARES is “dedicated to producing and disseminating knowledge related to real estate decision making and the functioning of real estate markets” by bringing the skills of academics and business practitioners together. Mike also belongs to the Financial Management Association.

Mike said that his favorite part of teaching is interacting with students. “It is very rewarding to be able to help a student find their area of interest,” he said. He has especially enjoyed teaching at Hawaii Pacific University because, “students come from all over the world, giving the campus a truly international atmosphere,” Mike said. A truly prolific researcher, Mike’s current area of focus is behavioral real estate. He has worked on several studies with his wife, Dr. Vicky Seiler, who is a marketing professor at Hawaii Pacific University. Mike and Vicky were married shortly after graduation in 1997. They have a son named Ryan who is 19 months old. The family enjoys spending time in the ocean – swimming, surfing, spear fishing, and snorkeling.

Mike feels that he was given quality instruction during his doctoral program at CSU. In particular, he would like to thank former professor Dr. James Webb, Dr. Youguo Liang, and Dr. Michael Bond. Mike said that all of his professors were phenomenal teachers and co-authors. He keeps in touch with them, especially Dr. Webb, who has been “a mentor” to him. Mike would like to acknowledge Dr. Webb for the level of dedication that he gives to working with his students, and for his accomplishment in developing ARES.

Additional News

32nd Ohio Professional and Student Conference on Aging held at CSU

Dr. Georgia Anetzberger
Dr. Georgia Anetzberger

The Ohio Association of Gerontology and Education (OAGE) 32nd Annual Ohio Professional and Student Conference on Aging was hosted by the Nance College of Business and the College of Science at Fenn Tower on April 11th. The topic of the conference was “Global Aging: Lessons from Abroad for Ohio.” Presentations focused on how the United States can positively learn to manage its rapidly aging population by looking at examples of how other societies have addressed the needs of a significant older population. Dr. Georgia Anetzberger, OAGE President and Nance Assistant Professor of Health Care Administration, said that “the conference seemed flawless in its implementation. Everyone came through to make this a great experience, including the Conference Local Arrangements Committee, with representatives from CSU’s Colleges of Business Administration and Science along with other local colleges, universities, and agencies. In addition, all the units within CSU that helped make this event happen, including the Division of Continuing Education, Conference Services, and Catering Services, did an excellent job.”

Robert Butler, M.D., Pulitzer Prize winner, and Founder of the International Longevity Center, was the Keynote Speaker. He gave a presentation on his recently published book, The Longevity Revolution, which discusses important issues that American society will face as our population continues to age. Some important topics that he addressed at the conference were problems created by the shortage of qualified health workers, especially nurses. According to The National Center for Health Workforce Analysis of the Health Resources Services Administration, Ohio will face a shortfall of almost 32,000 registered nurses by the year 2020 (a 29% shortage). He also discussed how longevity can create wealth, providing economic justification for why the United States should increase its investment in programs for our aging population. Dr. Butler said that he was “particularly struck by the emphasis on international issues at the conference.” Dr. Anetzberger added, “the conference was very successful, and was a great opportunity to showcase all of the positive changes at our university.”


Marketing Students Engage in Naming Project for CSU College of Continuing Education

Winners of the CE Naming Project
Front row, l to r: Paul Mills, Dr.
Barbara Hanniford (Dean, CE), Justin Kofron, Jeremy Silvi, Philip Forrai.
Back row, l to r: Cindy Parish (program director,CE), Carol Mintz (program
director,CE), Denyse Castle (program director,CE), Paul Bowers (Director,
e-Learning), and Vida Lock (program director,CE).

Undergraduate students in Dr. Jayanti’s buyer behavior class worked on a project this semester to help our own Division of Continuing Education’s (CE) efforts to change their name. The charge to the students was to pick a name that conveys the full scope of the Division’s capabilities and programs, can be easily recalled and quickly understood by the Division’s target audience, and positions the Division as the leader in its field. Dr. Jayanti’s students undertook this challenge whole heartedly in a “Name that Division” contest. Five different groups of students proposed five unique names based on both primary and secondary data sources.

The winning team comprised of Paul Mills (team leader), Jeremy Silvi, Justin Kofron, and Philip Forrai presented a unique idea of sub-branding the Division’s various departments under an umbrella name of The School of Professional Studies. For example, the Nursing and Health/Human Services program will be called Med/CE which can target its own audience with a unique marketing mix that is tailor made for the specific professional development needs of health care professionals. The team undertook extensive primary research that involved current students at the CE’s Nursing and Health/Human Services program, a follow-up sample of nurses from Parma community hospital and students on the CSU campus. An interesting insight provided by the CSU students is that they tend to identify with CSU (44%) and their own major (56%) while no one identified themselves with their respective colleges. This insight helped the team to propose the sub-branding idea. The team selected Med/CE to illustrate their strategy and presented specific tactics to reach this segment. 

A second team with Monica Germovsek (team leader), Brad Groves, Chris Noel, and Dominique Todaro was awarded an honorable mention for surveying the instructors of CE to gain unique insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the CE programs. The insight was used as a basis for selecting a name that was tested with a second group of respondents from CE’s Business Management program. The team suggested the current CE name to be changed to College of Professional and Continuing Education and proposed several marketing tactics to transition to the new name.

Dr. Barbara Hanniford, Dean, Division of Continuing Education presented the winning team members with $200 worth of CE dollars as well as certificates of recognition. The second team was awarded $100 worth of CE dollars and certificates of recognition. All students received certificates of participation. Mr. Paul Bowers, Director, Center for e-Learning, and CE Program Directors Ms. Cindy Parish, Ms. Carol Mintz, Ms. Denyse Castle, and Ms. Vida Lock attended the presentations. Dr. Hanniford and her program directors thanked the students for their significant contribution to their renaming efforts. Mr. Bowers commented that he can use students from the winning team to draft a strategy for his own e-learning efforts.


Accounting Students Intern with CSU Internal Auditing Department

Students interested in auditing have an exciting internship opportunity on campus. The Department of Audits on campus has a student internship position available each semester. Through this internship students have a tremendous opportunity to be exposed to auditing within an organization. The student intern works one on one with the Director of Auditing, Judith Richards, and the Audit Manager, Jo Ann Gustafson, allowing for firsthand auditing experience.

The student internship at the Internal Auditing Department began in 1993. Since that time, 42 students have completed the program. The internship has proved to be popular with international students, who return to their home countries with a composite view of American auditing practices. The current student intern at the Auditing Department is Punita Shah, an accounting senior who will graduate this semester. Punita described her internship as a very positive experience. “I have had the opportunity to work with travel audits, assist in interviews, and prepare reports,” said Punita. “I have been exposed to the auditing process from beginning to end. Often, it can be difficult to find internships in auditing. I would highly recommend this internship to other students who plan to have a career in auditing,” Punita added.

Students receive three graduate or undergraduate credit hours for completing the internship. The internship involves working 12-15 hours a week, and completing a report describing the knowledge they have gained from their experience. As part of the internship experience, students also receive assistance with their resumés and interviewing skills. The student’s work and paper is evaluated when assigning a letter grade for the course. Ms. Judith Richards, Director of Auditing, describes the experience as adding to both classroom information and field experience. She stated that, “The staff makes sure that the internship improves the student’s auditing skills. We involve the student in performing the same kinds of tasks as practitioners in the field, and strive to relate those experiences back to lessons you would find in an academic textbook.”


Dr. Mary Wilson Hrivnak
Dr. Mary Wilson Hrivnak

Dr. Hrivnak is Recognized as a CSU Woman Who Makes a Difference

Dr. Mary Wilson Hrivnak, Associate Professor of Management and Labor Relations, was recognized at the Women’s Studies Students’ annual “Women Who Make A Difference” program on April 17. Dr. Hrivnak was nominated by Mr. George Hruby, Visiting Assisting Professor of Management and Labor Relations, for her efforts to integrate the real world into the classroom, and for the advising that she provides to students interested in human resource management. Dr. Hrivnak commented that our CSU students are unique because they excel despite challenges in their lives. She said that she was honored and “enjoyed being in the company of CSU faculty.”


National Society of Hispanic MBAs Forms a Cleveland Chapter

NSHMBA Cleveland Board of Directors

NSHMBA Board of Directors (l to r): Diego Copertari, Executive VP; Carolina Schneider, VP of Finance & Treasurer; Alexandra Vera, VP of Compliance & Secretary; Artemio San Martin, President; Ruth Ramos, VP of Membership, Carlos Chinchilla, VP of Corporate Relations, and Giovanna Carrillo, VP of Events.

The National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) recently received approval for full chapter status for its members in Northeast Ohio. NSHMBA in Cleveland has been working to achieve this goal for the past year; previously they were given “chapter-in-formation” status. In order to achieve full chapter status they had to gain support from corporate and academic sponsors, attend training, recruit members, develop programs, and prove their leadership skills.

A chapter achievement event, which marked their induction as a chapter, took place on April 22, sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. W. Benoy Joseph, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs accepted an award of appreciation on behalf of the College for our role as a founding academic partner. “CSU has been instrumental for our chapter through use of facilities, supporting our upcoming teambuilding session for our board members, and by becoming part of NSHMBA’s University Partnership Program,” said Artemio San Martin, President of the Cleveland Chapter of NSHMBA. As part of the NSHMBA University Partnership Program, the Nance College of Business will annually award a scholarship, fellowship, or assistantship to a graduate business student, with preference given, but not limited to, students of Hispanic heritage or students with a demonstrated commitment to the Hispanic community.


Alumna Cynthia Moore-Hardy Named as a Top Health Care Executive

Cynthia Moore-Hardy
Cynthia Moore-Hardy

Modern Healthcare magazine named Nance College of Business alumna Cynthia Moore-Hardy as one of the top 25 Minority Executives in Health Care. Ms. Moore-Hardy has been president and chief executive offer of Lake Hospital System since 1997. “I’m deeply honored to be recognized for my commitment to Lake Hospital Systems’ continued growth as we deliver progressive health care to residents of Lake County and beyond. This recognition is shared with all of Lake Hospital Systems’ doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals, who together are redefining health care as we know it,” said the honoree.

Ms. Moore-Hardy is currently working on the development of a new hospital being built in Concord Township. This will be the first new hospital built in Ohio in 40 years, and it will be a “smart hospital,” meaning that it will utilize new technologies, and a wireless system. Ms. Moore-Hardy also works with the Cleveland Clinic and local physicians to ensure new and ongoing services in the area.


Students Honored at Beta Gamma Sigma Initiation Ceremony and College Scholarship Banquet

The Nance College of Business honored some of its best and brightest with initiation into Beta Gamma Sigma, the Business Honor Society, and with the presentation of scholarships. The event was held at the Cole Center on April 18, 2008.

Beta Gamma Sigma is an honorary society formed in 1913 to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business administration. Election to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest scholastic honor that a student in business administration can attain and is reserved for those business programs that are accredited by AACSB International.

The following students were inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma (names and academic program):

Undergraduate Students

Eric Ahnell, BSCIS
William Allamon, ACT
Keith A. Booth, ACT
Haley Brickner, INB
Mario Ciclone, ACT
Anca Crisan, ACT
Domenick Cristino, ACT, INB, BSCIS
Rozann DeFreitas, MLR 
Brian Dubyk, FIN
Dominic Fedele, OSM
Rebecca L. Ferris, ACT
Joe Filipowicz, MKT
Darlene Glaser, IFS
Robyn Hoying, ACT
Scott J. Kapusta, MKT
David J. Koshar, FIN
Dagmara Mach, INB, MKT
Brian Malloy, OSM
Lee Muro, BSCIS
Steve Owen, ACT
James Penko, IFS
Igor Pokalev, FIN
Brian Pordash, FIN
Kevin Spotz, FIN
Chava Steingroot, ACT
Raymond John Stepanic III, IFS
John Frederick Swanstrom IV, FIN
Glenda L. Torres, MLR
Kathleen Ungvarsky, ACT
Ilirjan Xhemalaj, FIN
Wenying Xu, ACT

Graduate Students

Amy G. Alder, MLRHR
Oluwatosin Araba, MLRHR
Lisa Beachler, MBA
Ira Bhargava, MPH
Johnny A. Brawner, M.D., MPH
Robert A. Carek, EMBA
Michael Chambers, AMBA
Pariyes Chuleeprasert, MBA
Nicole Conway, MBA
Prasann Dikkar, MCIS
Thomas A. Frakes, Jr, EMBA
Dennis L. Gill II, MBA
Joseph Goebel, MBA
Jyothi Gudla, MBA
Janelle Hannaford, AMBA
Elizabeth Hong, MLRHR
Jing Huang, EMBA
Yemisratch Ishetie, MACC
Patrick Jamieson, MBA
Colin Johnson, MPH
Radhika S. Jonnavithula, MACC
Andrey  Kasiyants, MBA
Jasmeet Kaur, MBA
Jonathan P. Krainz, MBA
Greg Krupa, MLRHR
Ebenezer Kwasi Lamptey, MACC
Kristie Leonard, MBA
Brett Lilley, MCIS
Patrick Craig Magnus, M.D., MPH
Brian W. Marshall, EMBA
Catharine Matti, MLRHR
Katie P. McPhie, AMBA
David N. Miller, MBA
Champayne Mitchell, MLRHR
Barbara Jean Newkirk, MLRHR
Joan Phelan, MBA
Todd Posius, MCIS
Enkeleda Qirici, MACC
Tonya Ripich, MBA
Choon Row, MACC
Lauren E. Rudman, MLRHR
Joseph Sagrilla, AMBA
Traci Sajewski, MBA
Swathi Sethu, MBA
Carrie Skaggs, MBA
Alan Skerl, AMBA
Renee J. Slaw, MBA
Mark J. Smalley, EMBA
Candice Trzebuckowski, AMBA
Elizabeth Y. Tsai, MBA
Munyeong Yu, MACC
Guangguang Zhang, MACC

A number of business students were recognized for their academic excellence at the banquet. The following students were awarded scholarships established by various alumni, professional organizations, and civic or corporate organizations:

Ahuja Endowed Scholarship
Joyce Filipiak
Rakan Hamoud
Navjit Kang
Kenneth Kozlowski
Emily Lopick
Megan Moscollic
Tiffany Rusack
Fadi Sarkis
Suvidhi Patel
Kelsey Ritari
Robert Arquilla
Mohammad Midani

Andrew C. and Lois W. Gross Endowment Scholarship
Patrick Sullivan

Applied Industrial Technology Scholarship
Orly Covitch
Cody Kersting
Kimberly Kovach
Michael Evanich

College of Business Administration Scholarship
Jillian Basiger
Amanda Buchman
David Przybojewski
Michelle Tills
Nian Liu
Ping-Chih Lo
Carleigh Machock

David L. Balint Endowed Scholarship
Sarah Coffman
Michelle Yanul
Volkmar Baur

David Rosenblatt Endowed Scholarship
Lisa Tricou
Yitzchak Weiser

Dean Paul Anders CSU Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
Emily Larson           
Michael Pokorny 
Lacy Sharratt
Viktoriya Makaryan

Eddie L. Hardy Memorial Scholarship
Thylitha Johnson
Shakayla Rainey

Ellis and Ann Yan Endowed Scholarship
Kevin McGarry           
Hannah Simon

GEON Endowed Scholarship
Margaret Donnelly
Cassandra Gross
Nicole Hornak

Helen Wolanski Scholarship
Peter Oleksiw           

Jacob G. Schmidlapp Scholarship
Lindsay Barber
Ashley Bennett
Joshua Johanni
Tabitha Wenning

Kathleen Fabek Endowed Scholarship
Vikki Crosby           

Mark Curley Scholarship
Ryan Gratzer
Alexis Pruitt

Om Julka Endowed Scholarship
Yolanda McWilliams

Plain Dealer Charities Scholarship
Melanie Davis
Marissa Allen

Ron Coccari Business Scholarship
Michael Emery

URS Support for Business Scholarship
Shannon Posey 
Jeanne Ivancic
Gwendoyn Carter
Connie Forsythe
Alyssa Sekerak
Yuan  Zhou
Marie Cervay

Walter Schmidt Endowed Scholarship
Samantha Gerich
Jeanniece Jackson

Please congratulate these students on their accomplishments.


Dr. Injazz Chen
Dr. Injazz Chen

Dr. Injazz Chen named Nance Professor of Research 2008-2011

Dr. Injazz Chen was named as the Nance Professor of Research for the three year period starting in the Fall 2008. Established in 2005, the Nance Professor of Research award recognizes excellence in faculty scholarship by professors in the Nance College of Business Administration. Every three years, faculty members are selected to receive this award. Through this initiative, faculty are recognized for contributions to their field. The award continuously reaffirms our commitment to research.

Dr. Chen was chosen to receive this honor because of his continuous record of intellectual contributions, high quality scholarship, and external recognitions of his research.



Nance College of Business presents the 6th Annual Legacy Awards

Legacy Awards are given each year to Nance faculty and staff members who have made lasting contributions to our college. This includes awards to faculty for research, teaching, and service. The award is also given to one professional staff member and one classified staff member each year. This year’s Legacy Award winners are:

Research: Dr. James O. Flynn, Professor of Operations Management
Teaching: Dr. Kenneth Dunegan, Professor of Management and Labor Relations
Teaching: Dr. Bryan Pesta, Assistant Professor of Management and Labor Relations
Service: Dr. Oya Icmeli Tukel, Associate Professor of Operations Management
Professional Staff: David Arrighi, Academic Advisor for Undergraduates
Classified Staff: Tina D. Scott, Administrative Secretary, Department of Management and Labor Relations

Dr. James O. Flynn Dr. Bryan Pesta Dr. Oya Icmeli Tukel
Dr. James O. Flynn Dr. Kenneth Dunegan Dr. Bryan Pesta Dr. Oya Icmeli Tukel

David Arrighi Tina D. Scott
David Arrighi Tina D. Scott


40th Annual Rotary Awards of Excellence for CSU Business Students

Each year since 1969, the Rotary Club of Cleveland has recognized students from Cleveland State University who have excelled in the classroom or who have provided extraordinary service to the Nance College of Business. On Thursday, April 17, 2008, nine CSU business students received Rotary Club Awards for Excellence at the Rotary Club’s luncheon meeting.

The following students received awards:

Award for Excellence in Accounting: Jennifer Lee Meyer
Award for Excellence in Computer & Information Science: Lee A. Muro
Award for Excellence in Finance: John Frederick Swanstrom IV
Award for Excellence in International Business: Sammar Orra
Award for Excellence in Management & Labor Relations: Michelle Gnoddie
Award for Excellence in Marketing: Bjorn O. Schantz
Award for Excellence in Operations Management & Business Statistics: Dominic J. Fedele
Award for Excellence as an MBA Student: Margaret A. Camp
Award for Excellence in Community Service: Lauren E. Rudman


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