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Nance College of Business gears up for AACSB Maintenance of Accreditation

Robert F. Scherer, Dean

As we gear up for our AACSB Maintenance of Accreditation review, I think it is important to share with the Nance community why AACSB accreditation matters to us. AACSB International accreditation is widely regarded as the "gold standard" for management education worldwide. AACSB accreditation demonstrates a business school's commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review process.

AACSB accreditation is shared by fewer than one in five business programs in the US and less than six percent worldwide. The undergraduate and graduate business programs at Nance have been accredited by AACSB since the mid 1970s, making us part of a very exclusive group of business schools in the world. And among AACSB-accredited schools worldwide, fewer than one-third have earned special accounting accreditation from AACSB. The Nance Accounting programs have this additional distinction.

Why AACSB Accreditation is Important
AACSB accreditation assures students, employers, and other stakeholders that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and rigor in our programs and that we will continue to monitor and improve how programs are managed and delivered. AACSB accreditation is important because:

  • Many employers look for applicants from AACSB-accredited schools because accreditation equates to quality and rigor in curriculum and high standards of instruction.
  • Some firms offer tuition reimbursements to employees only for degrees earned at AACSB schools.
  • Business degrees from AACSB schools are recognized by universities all over the world.
  • Accredited schools are committed to an ongoing process of continuous improvements in how programs are designed and delivered, how students are instructed, and how well students learn.

Preparing for Maintenance of Accreditation
AACSB Maintenance of Accreditation is an on-going process which engages faculty committees, administrators, and professional staff in demonstrating how we are maintaining quality while meeting our mission. The Maintenance process follows a 5-year cycle, culminating in the preparation of a self-study report, which is submitted to an AACSB peer review team consisting of two business school deans (who will review our business programs) and two deans or accounting chairs (who will review the College's accounting programs). The peer review team will visit our campus in the Fall 2011 semester and a recommendation for Maintenance of Accreditation will be announced by AACSB in the spring of 2012.

An Accreditation Task Force, consisting of faculty, staff, and students has been formed to oversee the accreditation process and to ensure that Nance is well-prepared for the peer review team's site visit. Current Task Force members include Benoy Joseph (chair), Raj Javalgi (DBA Program; Strategic Initiatives), Scott Yetmar (ACT), Ravi Kamath (FIN), Adam Fadlalla (IST), Rama Jayanti (MKT), Christine Brown-Mahoney (MLR; HCA), Oya Tukel (OSM, IB), Elad Granot (Executive MBA), Karen Hammon (operations; documentation), Ken Dippong (student support services), Colette Hart (business outreach and centers), and two students who are being recruited at this time (graduate and undergraduate). During their visit, the peer review team will review our documentation and meet with faculty, students, program administrators, Visiting Committee members, alumni, and other interested stakeholders.

Meeting AACSB's Standards
Accreditation requires that we meet 21 standards that fall into three broad categories: strategic planning - knowing our mission and fulfilling it; participant standards that require faculty (both full- and part-time) to be active in maintaining their qualifications and level of commitment to the life of the college as "participating" or "supporting" faculty; and "assurance of learning," which is a systematic process of assessing student learning and engaging faculty in making continuous improvements in the way material is taught, how curriculum is designed and delivered, and what students have learned when they complete a program.

Through Dialogue, we will keep the Nance community informed of our progress. Each semester, task force members will be meeting with faculty, staff, students, the Visiting Committee, and other stakeholders to gather feedback and provide information on our self-study year. There will be multiple opportunities to engage in the process. We invite you, as members and supporters of the Nance College, to join us as we move forward towards Maintenance of Accreditation.

Featured Alumni: Bill Miltz - EMBA 1986

Bill Miltz - EMBA '86

Bill Miltz is President and CEO of J.G.B. Distributing, an authorized, full service Invisible Fence® Brand distributorship. Invisible Fence® pioneered the electronic pet containment industry. Miltz manages a very successful distributorship, covering 23 states throughout the Midwest and most of Canada.

A native Clevelander, Bill attended Hawken School and received an undergraduate degree from Hillsdale College (MI) before moving back to Cleveland in 1979. Bill returned to his alma mater of Hawken as Director of Development and enrolled in the Executive MBA program at the Nance College of Business. Bill valued the "interaction with professors" and small classes. He also appreciated the variety of businesses that were represented in the class and stated the education was "a great value at a reasonable cost."

One valuable lesson learned from Professor Jan Musik still resonates with Bill: when you make a point, back it up with personal experiences or document it. He uses this advice everyday.

He started his Invisible Fence® distributorship part-time in 1984 and soon became one of the leaders in the industry. Bill said many of his classmates laughed at him when he told them what he was doing. He was recently honored in the Hawken School magazine as an innovative entrepreneur who was at the leading edge of his industry.

Bill continually grew his company, expanding and hiring. He had $30 million in sales in 2009 and currently has a 37% market share of Invisible Fence®, the largest among other distributorships. Bill has over 50 employees in the Cleveland area and another 35 throughout the Midwest. He just promoted someone to President to over-see day-to-day activities, allowing Bill the opportunity to focus on "big picture" inititives such as expansion.

Throughout his career, Bill challenged himself by owning restaurants and property, constantly putting his entrepreneurial skills to the test. He and his wife Ann split their time between Traverse City, MI and Marco Island, FL. Bill has three adult children.

Featured Student: Christina Smith

Christina Smith

This month's Featured Student is Christina Smith. Smith is an MBA student studying abroad at our partner University, Universidad de Concepcion, in Chile during the spring and summer semesters. Concepcion was rocked by a 8.8 magnitude earthquake on February 27, just days before Christina was scheduled to depart for South America.

Smith chose to study in Chile because, she says, "getting outside your culture and comfort zone is an invaluable experience. You learn not only about the country you're studying in but also about yourself in your ability to adapt and grow. I chose Chile because is has a strong economy, ... and from a business student perspective, its a great place to learn not only how they operate but also how they recover from such a massive catastrophe."

She earned her bachelor of Art degree in graphic design from CSU in 2008. After graduation Christina plans to start her own graphic design firm. "I would like to integrate my design and business skills to develop a company that can expand and grow to meet the needs of clients on a global scale."

In her free time, Christina enjoys staying active outside. "I try to enjoy every bit of sunshine I can! I love playing sports, trying new restaurants, being out on the lake, spending time with friends or making new friends, and planning my next adventure."

While in Chile, Christina will be blogging about her experiences. You can find it at

If you are interested in studying abroad at one of our partner universities in Chile, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain or Sweden, talk to your advisor, who can help you get started.

Finance Students Stand Out Among Peers

Katie Honarvar, Sangram Pradhan, Rahul Sukheja, and Asmaae Benmerzouga receiving the award

SMIF fund managers recognized for strategy
Our Nance College Viking Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) won the first place award in the category of growth style investing at the graduate level in the competition held in conjunction with the RISE-X (Redefining Investment Strategy Education) Global Investment Forum at the University of Dayton during March 18-20, 2010. In all fifty teams competed in different categories. Credit for this impressive performance and the award goes to every student fund manager of our SMIF since its inception during fall 2008. In the photograph displaying the award are Katie Honarvar, Sangram Pradhan, Rahul Sukheja, and Asmaae Benmerzouga.

CSU team wins an award in the Global Investment Research Challenge
In a different competition, the Global Investment Research Challenge conducted by the CFA Society of Cleveland, CSU team took third place in the local team presentations. Members of the team are: Bill Prebel, PNC (Team's Mentor), Derek Glabecki, Nate Johnson, Matthew Kukla, Joey Medina, Gauri Wagle, and Chenchu Bathala (Advisor).

Success at CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level I exam
Two Nance finance students, Svetlana Bizyaeva and Matthew Waxman, as well as Term Instructor Russ Raimer, passed the CFA Level I exam held during December 2009. Mr. Raimer largely credits the CFA Review course for his success in the exam. Their success is truly impressive considering the world-wide pass rate of only 34%.

Nance Becomes a Small Business Development Center in Cuyahoga County

The Nance College of Business has become a part of the national Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Program. The SBDC program has been in existence for twenty-five years. The 1000 SBDC centers nation-wide counsel nearly 1,000,000 clients a year.

As a part of the SBDC network, the Cleveland State University Small Business Development Center (CSU SBDC) is committed to providing assistance for potential and existing small businesses. The CSU SBDC will accomplish this by:

  • providing consistent client-based, results oriented and cost effective core services (counseling, training, informational and referral services) as well as specialized services to meet local needs
  • acting as a catalyst for sustainable economic development by responding to local business needs
  • building strategic collaborative partnerships that leverage resources to enhance and expand services to our clients
  • working to build awareness of the local and regional SBDC program.

Our core client base will consist of businesses that have a potential for positive impact on local economic development, including under-served groups or areas. The CSU SBDC wants to become a recognized leader for providing high-impact, innovative services that play a vital role in creating, sustaining and expanding successful small businesses.

Jim Kraft

The CSU SBDC recently hired its first new business advisor, Jim Kraft. Jim has been affiliated with the SBDC program for almost 20 years. He has served as the Director of SBDC programs in Colorado, California and Indiana. He also was the Associate State Director for the Washington State University statewide SBDC program. Kraft has owned his own business and managed other businesses both large and small. He is very empathetic toward the challenges facing today's small business owner and takes a strong hands-on approach to the counseling process.

The partnership between CSU and the SBDC will give clients access to the expertise of both the faculty and student population on campus, resulting in more in-depth counseling for the client. Becoming more engaged in regional economic development will heighten awareness of the many resources offered by the Nance College of Business and provide a positive learning experience for any students that become involved.

Nance College Honored by U.S. Department of Commerce

Dean Scherer with Ro Khanna and
Sue Whitney, U.S. Commercial Service

For outstanding service to the Northeast Ohio business community in the arena of global trade, the Nance College of Business was honored by the U.S. Department of Commerce with a Certificate of Appreciation for Achievement in Trade.

The award is the first ever given to a college or university in Northeast Ohio. It recognizes the ongoing, positive impact that the Nance College's GlobalTarget Program has on helping local companies expand their products and services internationally. Ro Khanna, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Commercial Service, presented the College with the award on April 6 at the Union Club. He also discussed the National Export Initiative recently announced by President Obama.

"GlobalTarget was cited as a model program for business schools that other schools should consider adopting," said Robert Scherer, Dean of the College of Business. "We're very proud that our program was recognized for its outstanding results in assisting businesses. We're also proud of all of our participating firms who help make the program a success."

GlobalTarget is a low-cost, interactive membership program for small- and medium-sized enterprises that are ready to expand their global presence and become successful global enterprises. The program provides a portfolio of international business services that allow companies to enter new global markets quickly and with greater knowledge.

The Nance College's Global Business Center has successfully operated GlobalTarget since 2005; more than 30 companies have completed the program. GlobalTarget is now in its second year of a successful partnership with FedEx and the U.S. Commercial Service. With this new alliance, members receive even greater benefits.

GlobalTarget features include:

  • Customized discussion topics that address your company needs and provide relevant information to help you more effectively enter new global markets.
  • Monthly meetings with distinguished experts that address aspects of international business.
  • Site visits to area companies that have achieved a sustained competitive advantage through global innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Faculty-led student teams that provide market research assistance.
  • Admission to Nance Global Business Center programs such as the GlobalReach Series, GlobalGateway Series and Noon@Nance.
  • U.S. Commerce Service Gold Key or International Partner Search (IPS) services.

Gold Key Matching Service offers customized, one-on-one appointments with pre-screened agents, buyers, distributors, sales representatives, association and government contacts, and licensing or joint venture partners to help you find the right business partners in your targeted market.

International Partner Search (IPS) is a report that identifies and secures pre-qualified global partners through high-quality market information on the sales potential for your products and services in an international market.

For more information on the GlobalTarget Program, please visit or contact Marie Herlevi at the Global Business Center at (216) 523-7278 or

Tukel Named Chair of OSM Department

Dr. Oya Tukel

Dr. Oya Icmeli Tukel was recently appointed as the new Chair of the Department of Operations & Supply Chain Management, a position that had been held by Dr. James Flynn.

Dr. Tukel teaches innovation management, supply chain management and project management. She is actively involved in international programs and corporate training in the United States and Europe. Oya regularly publishes basic and applied research in the areas of project management and supply chain management. Tukel's research has been published in such prestigious journals as Project Management Journal, International Journal of Integrated Supply Management, Supply Chain Management, and the European Journal of Operational Research, among others.

New Visiting Committee Members

In recent months, the Nance College of Business has added a few new members to its Visiting Committee. Three new members were featured in November. Here we feature three additional members who have recently commenced a three-year term serving as advisors to and ambassadors for the Nance College of Business.

David Nash

David E. Nash
Dave Nash is a Partner at McMahon DeGulis LLP, an environmental and energy law firm based in Cleveland. As an environmental lawyer for over 25 years, Nash's legal practice includes environmental issues relating to advanced energy, emerging technologies, corporate sustainability, climate change, business and real estate transactions, regulatory matters and legislative matters, environmental litigation, and environmental enforcement actions.


Cynthia Brogan

Cynthia Brogan, BBA '83
Cynthia Brogan is Vice President & Treasurer for The Sherwin-Williams Company, where she has worked for 22 years. She began her career at Midland Steel. While at Midland, she earned a BBA degree in finance from CSU. She later earned an EMBA at Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management. Brogan also serves on the board of directors of St. Joseph's Academy.


Peter Buca

Peter Buca, ENG '88

Pete Buca is Vice President, Innovation & Technology for the Fluid Connectors Group at Parker Hannifin Corporation, where he has worked for 29 years in various engineering and management positions. Buca's current focus is leading the development of innovative new products in Parker Hannifin's oldest and largest group. Pete is recognized for his ability to create growth through innovative product development in any market. Buca earned his ENG degree from CSU in 1988.

Professor Lin Granted Fulbright Award

Dr. Mike Lin

Professor Chien-Hua Lin, Professor of Computer and Information Science, has been awarded a Fulbright grant to teach and conduct curricular research in information security at Chang Gung University (CGU) in Taiwan.

The rapid growth of Internet usage in business and government has unfortunately also brought with it unprecedented growth in cybercrimes. The need for an increased number of Information Security and Assurance professionals is tremendous and the lack of such has created vulnerability in Taiwan's critical information infrastructure.

Dr. Lin was invited by the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at CGU to teach courses in Information and Computer Security, develop an introductory course in Information Security for the general education at the University, and to help develop a comprehensive Information Security and Assurance degree program at the University.

"My objective is to help the University to develop a curricular strategy for introducing the ISA curricula at CGU."

In Taiwan Lin will:

  • Teach two courses in the area of ISA: one in Applied Information Security and Assurance, and the other in Information Security Management.
  • Conduct curricular development in Information Security and Assurance and oversee the development of a comprehensive ISA curriculum for the University at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The Fulbright Program promotes educational exchanges, primarily for university faculty and students, that involve lecturing, research and graduate study. Over 40,000 US faculty have taken up positions abroad for a semester or longer, and an equal number have come to the US. The program is administered by the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars (CIES), a private foundation.

42nd Annual Rotary Awards of Excellence for CSU Business Students

Every year since 1969, the Rotary Club of Cleveland has presented Awards of Excellence to students from the Nance College of Business at Cleveland State University. On Thursday, April 1, 2010, nine CSU business students received Rotary Club Awards for Excellence at the Rotary Club's luncheon meeting:

  • Excellence in Accounting: Joseph Medina
  • Excellence in Computer and Information Science: Ian Langner
  • Excellence in Finance: Matthew A. Kukla
  • Excellence in International Business: Lacy Sharratt
  • Excellence in Management and Labor Relations: Ksenia Firdman
  • Excellence in Marketing: Laren Beese
  • Excellence in Operations and Supply Chain Management: Emily Reid
  • Excellence as a Graduate Student: Katja Bauer
  • Excellence in Service: Zhenting Men

Reichert Lectures at Partner Universities in Finland, Germany

Dr. Reichert speaks to a packed house at
Duale Hochshule Baden-Wurttemberg
University in Heidenheim, Germany

Dr. Alan Reichert, Professor of Finance, has been teaching as a Senior Research Fellow at the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration-HANKEN in Vaasa, Finland. Founded in 1909 in Helsinki the school is one of the oldest business schools in the Nordic countries. HANKEN offers academic degrees at the Bachelors of Science, Master, and Doctoral level and enrolls 2,300 students from many different countries. The Nance College of Business has a formal student/faculty exchange program. Professor Reichert was invited to be keynote speaker at the school's Focus Forum on Corporate Governance and Banking in honor of the school's 100th anniversary. Professor Reichert discussed lessons and likely regulatory changes regarding the recent financial crisis to a group of academic and business professionals.

While in Europe, Professor Reichert gave a similar talk at the Duale Hochshule Baden-Wurttemberg University in Heidenheim, Germany. The school offers a unique combination of rigorous academic training combined with an intensive internship program with local businesses. The students alternate semesters in the classroom and working for an employer in the area of their academic interest. Professor Reichert also lectured in a banking class where he presented the findings from a current CSU student's doctoral dissertation. The Nance College of Business and the Duale Hochshule Baden-Wurttemberg have offered a joint student exchange program for almost two decades.

BUS 151 Charity Fundraising

Instructor Donna Davisson, International Business & Marketing, teaches BUS 151 within a CSU Learning Community. The course includes a service-learning component designed to enhance and engage student learning. This year's theme for the business school's learning community was "Entrepreneurial Business and the Global Marketplace." In keeping with the global theme, the class selected a local charity called, Building Hope in the City, to support during the course.

Students learned how tribal politics and corrupt governments have affected the lives of those living, many as refugees, in war-torn African nation states. The class was then broken up into five groups in which each acted as a separate entity charged with raising money through fundraising for the charity. The aspiring entrepreneurs raised money though such things as holding a bake sale, designing and selling tee shirts, a Halloween concert with local bands, a cornhole tournament, sports ticket raffles, and a lecture given by a Cleveland Clinic physician on "Bridging the Healthcare Disparity Gap". Together, the students raised about $2,000 for Building Hope in the City.


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