Computer Science & Information Systems and Technology

Department of Computer Science & Information Systems and Technology

  • The BSCIS program provides the student with a strong foundation in computer science.

Why Computer & Information Science?

Computer Science is the blending of principles, theories and applications of the technologies that underlie the access to information. This science involves studying the structure, mechanization and expression of algorithms, which are methodical processes for solving problems. A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer and Information Science prepares you for a professional career that uses the theory and practice of computing or for graduate work in Computer Science.

Why Information Systems & Technology?

Information Systems (IS) as an academic discipline encompasses two broad areas: acquisition, deployment and management of Information Technology (IT) resources and services; and development of IS infrastructure to support the organization’s processes. A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Information Systems prepares you for a career in information systems by focusing on the use of current information technology within the context of an organization.

Programs Offered: