Master of Accountancy-Taxation Program


Cleveland State University offers the Masters of Accountancy-Taxation program, an intensive and rigorous program designed for those who wish to have the best possible preparation for a successful career in the demanding field of taxation. 

The program allows flexibility in course selection, scheduling, and teaching approaches to meet students’ educational needs. Courses are generally taught in the evening, meeting just one night per week.  For students who are not already employed in accounting, CSU offers excellent cooperative education and internship programs with area firms and businesses.

Our Tax program also offers busy tax professionals the opportunity for cost-effective continuing education. All courses may be taken for credit or audit and are taught by qualified faculty with real expertise in their area of instruction. Typical courses encompass over 40 hours of in-class instruction, in addition to reading and homework assignments, all for a fraction of the cost of conventional continuing education courses. Also, for those who may later wish to go on to obtain a Tax degree, courses taken for CE credit can be applied to the degree program.

LEVEL III COURSES: Professional Preparation

Requirements (12 credits)

ACT 621 Federal Income Taxation*
ACT 636 Federal Income Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
ACT 637 Taxation of Partnerships
ACT 638 Tax Research and Planning

*With successful completion of an equivalent course, this course may be waived and an additional Taxation course at the 600 level will be required.

Elective Courses Options (21 credits)

  1. Three 600 level tax electives must be completed
  2. Two ACT or tax elective courses at 500 or 600 level
  3. One ACT, tax, or business elective at 500 or 600 level
  4. One ACT or business elective at 500 or 600 level



ACT 641 Estate and Gift Taxation
ACT 642 Tax Practice and Procedure
ACT 643 Corporate Taxation II
ACT 644  Estate Planning
ACT 645  International Taxation
ACT 648  State and Local Taxation
ACT 649  Tax Accounting
ACT 562  Taxation II
ACT 690  Professional Internship in Taxation
ACT 698  Independent Study in Taxation