Accounting Advisory Board

Accounting Advisory Board

*Anthony Bakale, CPA, Cohen & Company

 Kelli Bernstein, Senior Manager, Meaden and Moore

*Dr. Craig Foltin, CPA, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Acting Provost, Cuyahoga Community College

*Michael B. Klein, CPA, Ciuni & Panichi

*Richard G. Kingshirn, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, St. Ignatius High School

*Richard Lash, Managing Partner, Walthall CPAs

*Robert S. Matitia, CPA, CHFP, FHFMA, CICA, CFF, MBA, MAFIS, Chief Finanical Officer, Menorah Park Center for Senior Living

*Robert Meaker, CPA, Regional Income Tax Agency

*Jeffrey D. Neuman, President, Barnes Wendling CPAs, Inc.

*Judith Richars, CPA, Director of Audits (retired), Cleveland State University

*Thomas Stockdale, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

*William A. Wortzman, CPA, JD, President, Wortzman & Gingrich Company


*Indicates Cleveland State University Alumni