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College of BusinessThe Monte Ahuja College of Business at CSU offers a flexible online educational opportunity for our non-traditional students who already have some work experience and want to enhance their career development by completing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a General Business major.

The General Business program prepares students with foundational courses in business and a broad cross-section of advanced business courses in various functional areas, such as management, accounting, finance and operations supply chain management. In addition to the online course offerings, students can take advantage of courses that are offered during the day and evening at the CSU main campus.

The General Business Online Degree Completion program is composed of CSU General Education coursework, College of Business lower-division and upper-division core courses as required by the BBA program, the General Business Major core course (OSM 442 Innovation Management) and a choice of business functional elective courses. ?

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Program Highlights

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in General Business:

  • Permits flexibility to take advanced business courses that fit your schedule and professional needs, on-campus (day/evening) and online
  • Program supports the regional Ohio community college transfer guide for business students
  • Prepares students with foundation courses for the MBA degree
  • Gives students the flexibility of taking additional courses and earning a minor in the College of Business

Additionally, the General Business Online Degree Completion program has courses that are delivered online using CSU’s Blackboard E-Learning platform and is offered at the same CSU flat-tuition rate for on-campus courses with an additional web course fee of $25 per credit hour.

The general business major consists of 33 credit hours of 300/400 level business coursework beyond the BBA degree’s core requirements.  The requirements for a major in general business are as follows: General Business Major Core course OSM 442 Innovation Management, and completion of 30 credit hours of general business elective coursework from a list of courses from various functional business disciplines.

Students must select ten courses from the list below based on their interest and program of student (the on-campus or online program).  The general business major requires completion of an overall average GPA of 2.0 within the major course work.  CSU requires an overall GPA of 2.0 in order to file for graduation.

BBA Upper-Divisional Core

OSM 311

Introduction to Operations Management

IST 305

Info Tech for Competitive

FIN 351

Introduction to Financial Management

MGT 321

Organizational Behavior

BUS 351

Business, Society & Government (W)

MGT 465

Management Strategy & Policy (W)

Major Coursework: General Business Major – BBA Degree Online

OSM 442

Innovation Management

General Business Major Electives: Select 10 courses from list below for a minimum of 30 credit hours

MKT 441 Integrated Marketing Comm. (3)

ACT 360 International Accounting (3)

MGT 301 Principles of Management (3)

FIN 350 Financial Decision Making / Bloomberg (3)

MGT 340 Human Resources Management (3)

OSM 425 International Operations Management (3)

FIN 353 Intro to Investments (3)

OSM 416 Supply Chain Management (3)

FIN 360 Financial Marketing / Institutions (3)

OMS 421 Service Operations Management (3)

MKT 456 Customer Relations (3)

OSM 438 International Field Experience in Supply Chain Management (3)

Admission Requirements

The program is designed to utilize previous college course work and accommodate students who have completed an AA or AS degree at a community college. Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Students must have completed the required CSU general education course work:

  • Introduction to University Life: Only required for first-year CSU students
  • English Composition: ENG 100/101 and ENG 102 (grades of "C" or higher)
  • Math: MTH 148 and MTH 149 (grades of "C" or higher)
  • Natural Science: 7 credits of Natural Science with Lab
  • Social Science: 3 credits of Non-US Social Science
  • Arts and Humanities: 3 credits of Introductory Arts and Humanities, 3 credits of Non-US Arts and Humanities
  • Social Diversity: 3 credits of African-American Experience and 3 credits of US Diversity
  • Foreign Language: Submission of official high school transcripts showing 2 years of same language successfully completed; completion of 2 consecutive semesters of introductory foreign language courses at CSU or transfer institution; waiver of Foreign Language through verification of Modern Language Department by demonstrated proficiency

Students must have completed all BBA - Lower Divisional Core Course Work:

  • BUS 151: World of Business
  • GAD 250: Business Communication
  • IST 203: Software Tools
  • ECN 201: Macroeconomics
  • ECN 202: Microeconomics
  • ACT 221: Introductory Accounting I
  • ACT 222: Introductory Accounting II
  • OSM 201: Business Statistics I
  • OSM 202: Business Statistics II
  • MKT 301: Fundamentals of Marketing
  • BLW 411: Business Law and Ethics

How to Apply

All students applying to the BBA - General Business Online Degree Completion Program must also apply for regular admission to CSU. Please visit for application

Complete and submit program application along with statement of interest and current resume. Download program application

  • Statement of interest should be typed and 1,000 words maximum. It should provide insight into the applicant's areas of interest (academic and professional) and describe why the applicant is a strong candidate for the program
  • Include name and CSU ID on statement
  • Statement should be submitted at the same time as the application form. Applications not included the statement of interest will be considered incomplete
  • Current resume should include all business and academic experience

Application Deadlines

Students may enter into the program at any time.

Current CSU Students

  • If enrolled in general education and/or lower-division BBA core course work must provide in-progress grade reports (all applicable courses) from instructors. Download in-progress grade report form

Incoming Transfer Students

  • If enrolled in general education and/or lower-division BBA core course work must provide in-progress grade reports (all applicable courses) from instructors. Download in-progress grade report form
  • Submission of final official transcripts must be received a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester. Admission will be revoked if final official transcripts have not been received and successful completion of necessary course work cannot be confirmed
  • Additional information for Cuyahoga Community College transfer students
  • Additional information for Lakeland Community College transfer students
  • Additional information for Lorain Country Community College transfer students

Tuition and Fees

Cleveland State University tuition and fees are automatically calculated based on your enrollment status, residency and course selections. The number of credit hours a student is transferring in to the University determines tuition for non-Ohio residents. Visit the Office of Treasury Services website for information on the per-credit hour fees.

Current CSU tuition rate for in-state per credit fee: $401.50

CSU does have a tuition band in place for 12-17 credits.

Students in the Online BBA Degree Completion Program are charged the same CSU flat tuition rate with an additional web course fee of $25.00 per credit hour.

Additional fees include books and supplies.

Students in the Online BBA Degree Completion Program experience savings in the areas of housing, meal plans, transportation and parking. Additionally, students in this program are not charged the $25.00 UPass fee assessed per semester for downtown Main Campus students.

Financial Aid

Due to the part-time credit schedule of the Online BBA Degree Completion Program, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours (part-time student status) and meet all other compliance requirements to qualify for Financial Aid.

In order to apply for financial aid, students must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). By completing the FAFSA, you are applying for gift aid (scholarships and grants) and self-help programs (Federal Work Study and loans). Filing a FAFSA must be done every year in order to receive financial aid.

For additional information about financial aid, as well as a step-by-step guide to completing the FAFSA, visit CSU's financial aid website.


Continuing CSU students and new transfer students are eligible to apply for scholarships.

Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships through external sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for courses?
By using your CampusNet account. Detailed CampusNet instructions are available for your convenience.

My employer is paying for the program. Where I can find information on reimbursement?
Detailed information, including the necessary forms, is available from Treasury Services. For specific questions regarding payment options and/or third-party reimbursement, please contact Campus411 at 216.687.5411 or

Where do I buy my textbooks?
Log-on to your CSU Blackboard class to determine if the course will use hard copy textbooks or e-textbooks. Hard copy textbooks can be purchased online or by visiting the CSU Bookstore. Professors and/or the Blackboard course syllabus will provide information on obtaining e-textbooks.

I have specific program questions. Who can I talk to?
Contact the Monte Ahuja College of Business Undergraduate Advising Office at 216.687.3729 or