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Business Professional Mentorship Program Meet & Greet Event

Get an insider’s look at the kickoff of this new program
 from Anna Gibson, Diversity Programs Specialist
at the Monte Ahuja College of Business.


On Friday, November 8, 2013 from 4 to 6 p.m., students and business professionals gathered together to celebrate the first ever Business Professional Mentorship Program “Mentor - Mentee: Meet & Greet Event” which was held in the Board Room of Monte Ahuja Hall on the Cleveland State campus.  The event showcased the mentor-mentee pairings and kicked off the new Monte Ahuja College of Business mentorship program.  The strong roster of business professionals who will serve as mentors come from major companies such as Eaton, Cleveland Clinic and KeyBank (see the entire list below).
For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this new program, the Business Professional Mentorship Program is designed to bring current students, alumni, and Greater Cleveland business professionals together to share information concerning education, career goals and professionalism. The process of mentoring allows the mentee to build knowledge, skills and abilities while attaining goals for career development. In turn, the process allows the mentor to enhance his or her own skills, proficiency and expertise by sharing in the development of a future professional. The mentors are experienced and trusted professionals who offer the student mentees an opportunity to enhance their learning experience in the world outside of the College of Business.

mentors and mentees meetingThe Program’s Key Features Include:

  • Strong focus on participation of professionals and students from underrepresented groups
  • Enrich the urban and university community through outreach, service and partnerships with diverse communities
  • Representation from Monte Ahuja College of Business alumni participating in the program
  • Shadowing Career Day - take your mentee to work for a full or half day

Expected Student Mentee Outcomes:

  • Provide support with major decisions concerning degree plan and career goals
  • Prepare for professional business society with a professional networking group
  • Increase visibility and connections to minority professionals within a career path
  • Strengthen recruitment, retention, achievement and graduation of diverse students

After checking in at the event, attendees found their tables and the conversations started instantaneously. After months of planning it was exciting to see how quickly the group connected as a whole and one-on-one!
mentors meeting    faculty talking with mentors in background
Once everyone had arrived and had a chance to get something to eat, our brief presentation started. Dr. Mary Hrivnak, interim associate dean of academic affairs, began the program by discussing the vision of the Dean’s diversity council and thanked everyone for participating in the inaugural class of the program.  Anne Nelson, assistant director of undergraduate programs & academic advising, then took over to discuss her vision for the program, diversity in the workplace, and the importance of networking. I wrapped things up by giving an overview of the program and reviewed the contents of the guidebooks. I reminded the participants that this program can be whatever each pairing makes of it, to respect one another’s time commitments, and to have fun!

Thank you to the business professionals who have donated their time and to the students who have committed themselves to this learning experience outside of the classroom!
attendees watching speaker
We’ll be gathering feedback over the next few months as the pairs get to know each other, but here’s what they have to say so far (names and other identifying information have been removed):

What mentees are saying:

“My mentor and I got along so great. I was extremely impressed with how we were paired up. We have set up a day to meet and she is already giving me lots of internship information and also helping me get some experience by working with her. Thanks!”
“Everything I have experienced about the program so far, as little as it may be, deserves positive feedback. I'm not sure how you determined which mentors and mentees to pair up, but my mentor… is absolutely wonderful. We are on the exact same page as far as working at a fast pace and accomplishing goals. I came into the program with little to no expectations but after talking with her for about ten minutes, I have a huge list of things to look forward to this year and she has a ton of experiences she can offer me. We have a meeting …where we are planning to discuss my values and how they pertain to my career choices and professional development. I am so excited! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this program. I am eager to see what the year holds for me.”
mentees engaged in conversation with mentors 

What mentors are saying:business professional mentorship program poster

It was a very productive first meeting with my mentee; we were able to learn quite a bit about each other and establish some realistic expectations.  The introduction format was spot-on (the guidebook was very helpful).  I’m looking forward to being able to share my professional advice, experiences, and knowledge with [my mentee].  Thanks.”
 “I thought you did an excellent job on the pairing for [my mentee] and I. We had a lot to discuss during our first meeting and [we are meeting] to discuss job shadowing. She is very enthusiastic and motivated and I am very excited to work with her. Great job on the kickoff!”
“Started out well Friday. [My mentee] is scheduled to stop in … at my SharePoint training… to do some networking with other IT professionals. Many years ago I had a mentor in college who was a nice go-to person for the second opinion you might say. I hope to return the positive experience I had way back when!”
“The kick-off event was very organized and it was a perfect way to meet [my mentee] for the first time and to start to get to know him.  I’m not sure what you did to prepare the students but I thought they were well prepared with questions and what they expected to accomplish from the program.”

  • AmTrust North America
  • Applied Industrial Technologies
  • BDP Consultants, LLC
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Cleveland State University
  • D2 Consulting Services
  • Eaton
  • Factset Research Systems
  • KeyBank
  • Meaden & Moore, Ltd.
  • NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Nestle USA
  • Progress Properties Inc.
  • United Way of Greater Cleveland
  • Vocational Guidance Services 

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