Cleveland State University, Monte Ahuja College of Business - Lakeland Community College Partnership

BBA Degree: General Business Completion Program

Effective Fall 2014, all students admitted to the CSU-Lakeland Business program will be accepted into the new BBA Degree: General Business Completion Program.  The BBA Degree: General Business Completion Program is based on a cooperative 2+2 program with Lakeland Community College and the Monte Ahuja College of Business at Cleveland State University.  Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 credits hours and completion of all Monte Ahuja College of Business AACSB accredited course work.  Lakeland courses are offered on the Lakeland campus at the Lakeland tuition rate.   The CSU- BBA Degree: General Business Completion course work will be offered at the Holden University Center at Lakeland Community College and offered Online via the CSU Blackboard portal at the CSU tuition rate.  This program is ideal for working adults and affords students the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive foundation of business knowledge combined with advanced exposure to multiple areas of business.

BBA Degree: General Business Completion – Program Guides

The guides below outline all the required Lakeland Associate of Applied Business or Associate of Arts course work and the CSU General Business required course work.

Lakeland Community College Associate of Applied Business – General to CSU BBA

Lakeland Community College Associate of Arts – General to CSU BBA

Program Highlights:

  • Complete the Lakeland Community College course work at the Lakeland tuition rate
  • CSU courses offered  via the web or on the Lakeland campus
  • Flexible course schedule for students working full time

Program Sequence and Admissions Information

  1. Students must complete all required Lakeland course work prior to starting the CSU General Business Completion Program.   CSU courses will be offered during the CSU academic semesters of fall, spring and summer. 
  2. Students must apply to CSU and submit a Partnership Supplement form with the application. CSU & Lakeland Partnership Application Form

 Advising Services

  1. Students who are interested in enrolling in the BBA Degree: General Business Completion Program must first meet with the Lakeland Counseling Office to discuss how an Associate’s degree program can transition into the BBA Degree: General Business Completion Program at CSU. Please contact the Lakeland Counseling Office at 440.525.7200 regarding academic advising and registration issues for all Lakeland courses. 
  2. Prospective students interested in Cleveland State University can receive an unofficial review of their Lakeland transcripts by contacting the CSU Partnership Office at or the College of Business Advising Center at
  3. CSU academic advising is available 3 ways:
    • By email
    • By appointment at the Lakeland Community College Holden University Center
    • On CSU’s main campus

Partnership Contact Information

Cleveland State University has a partnership office at the Holden University Center on the Lakeland Community College campus. It is open Monday – Thursday from 2:00 pm. – 6:00 pm.

Address –
Lakeland Community College
7700 Clocktower Drive
Holden University Center
Kirtland, OH 44094

Phone – 440-525-7471

Email –

CSU College of Business Contact Information

Undergraduate Business Advising Office, CSU Main campus room 219

Address –
Cleveland State University
Monte Ahuja College of Business
1860 East 18th Street, Second Floor, Room 219
Cleveland, OH 44114

Phone – 216-687-3729

Email –

FAQ for CSU/Lakeland Partnership

What happened to the BBA Fast Track Program?

Attention:  Cleveland State University has recently undertaken a university-wide initiative to modify curricula by replacing four-credit courses with three-credit courses and instituting 120-credit hour limits as the standard for undergraduate degree completion. This initiative resulted in a detailed curriculum review of all BBA majors, including the major of Business Administration, which is now called General Business.  Due to this change CSU and the Monte Ahuja College of Business has redesigned all our BBA majors and the  redesigned programs no longer allows for 200 level business courses from a community college to be used toward 300 level major elective or major core course work. In addition, the Monte Ahuja College of Business can only accept community college 100/200 level business related courses as direct transfer course work toward our AACSB accredited BBA program, which has been approved within the CSU-Lakeland Transfer Guide.  So the prior BBA Fast Track program will end as of Summer 2014; however, all students with CSU catalog right dates of Summer 2014 and older will be allowed to finish their BBA Degree – Business Administration program using the old BBA Fast Track program requirements.