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Management & Labor Relations Major

Faced with changing markets, dynamic technologies, globalization, and increasingly diverse work forces, today's managers must be prepared to meet a multitude of challenges and opportunities. The Department of Management and Labor Relations offers courses, degrees, and certificate programs that can prepare students to become effective managers for the 21st century.

The department offers both a major and a minor. Students who choose to major in Management and Labor Relations select either the human resource or general management track for concentration. Students completing minors complete core courses, plus a focus area of their choosing.

Courses in the Management and Labor Relations major qualify students for entry-level positions in management, and should enable them ultimately to assume managerial positions in a variety of business or nonprofit organizations.


The Department of Management and Labor Relations is responsible for the Management and Labor Relations Major. The department’s full-time faculty members represent a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds. The MLR faculty care greatly about the success of each student—they are available to answer student questions about current practice in management and human resources and to guide their career interests.

Our faculty’s areas of expertise include:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Labor Relations
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategic Management
  • Decision Making
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Leadership
  • Arbitration
  • Bargaining
  • Equal Opportunity
  • International Management

Requirements for Admission to Major

Major-Field Requirements

Students majoring in Management and Labor Relations are required to complete these core requirements:

  • MLR 301 Principles of Management
  • MLR 302 Principles of Labor Relations
  • MLR 340 Human Resource Management

In addition to the department's core courses, students are required to select one of two areas of specialization:

General Management Major Track

This program focuses on developing a student's technical knowledge of the key management functions of planning, controlling, organizing, leading, and problem-solving. In addition, students are given opportunities to develop basic interpersonal skills vital to successful management of people in organizations.

For details see Major Requirements

Human Resource Management Major Track

This program focuses on developing a student's knowledge and skills in areas related to the development and management of human resources.

Courses in this track explore many of the contemporary issues facing human resource professionals today, and provide students with an introduction to challenges they will face in their future careers.

For details see Major Requirements


Internships are often available to students to provide an opportunity to gain practical experience in human resources or labor relations. Cooperative education opportunities are available through the Career Services Center at (216) 687-2233. If you are able to set up the possibility of an internship on your own, all you have to do is find a faculty sponsor and then contact our office for the required forms.

Financial Assistance

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