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Marketing is a visible cultural phenomenon and an indispensable business activity for profit and nonprofit organizations worldwide. The Marketing Major teaches students how to generate revenue for a firm by identifying customer needs and responding to them creatively and profitably by developing, pricing, promoting, and distributing goods and services. Because of its critical role in the success of a business, marketing represents a promising career path to top management positions.

Students graduating with a major in marketing can qualify for entry-level positions in sales, public relations, and advertising; product management; fund-raising; customer service; marketing research; retailing management; wholesale distribution; market planning; and related areas in business, government, and nonprofit organizations.


The Department of Marketing is responsible for the Marketing Major. The department’s full-time faculty members are committed to the success of their students and are committed in helping them navigate their academic career. Faculty are knowledgeable in a variety of specialized areas.

Requirements for Admission to Major

  • Successful completion of all Lower Division requirements
  • Students must declare a major and meet the departmental requirements in order to be admitted into their major field.  A business academic advisor can assist you with this process.


Students in the Marketing major can specialize in one of four areas within the field of marketing by concentrating their electives in their area of interest:

  • Marketing Communications
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • International Marketing

Internships and Co-op’s

Internships, cooperative education arrangements, independent study projects, and international study programs are available. For more information, contact the Marketing Department at 216.687.4771 or the Career Services Center at 216.687.2233.

Financial Assistance

Scholarships, grants, loans, work-study, and part-time employment are just some of the ways you can help pay for college costs at CSU. For more information on financing your education, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 216.687.3764, or by email at:

Major Requirements

Marketing majors must take a minimum of 32 credit hours beyond the College Core Requirements. The major includes three core marketing courses and a minimum of three marketing electives beyond the College of Business core requirements. Marketing majors should consult a faculty advisor in selecting marketing electives that can help them specialize in a specific area of marketing, such as sales management, retailing, advertising and promotions, business-to-business marketing, international marketing.

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Required Major Core Courses (12-16* credit hours)

  • MKT 420 Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 431 Marketing Research
  • MKT 464 Marketing Strategy
  • MKT 495 Consulting*

* For all students who have catalog rights effective CSU in Fall 2010 or later, MKT 495 is a required course.  Students with catalog rights prior to Fall 2010 are not required to complete MKT 495.

Major Core Electives (16-20^ credit hours)

^ Students who are required to complete MKT 495 must complete 16 credits of MKT electives. Students who are not required to complete MKT 495 must complete 20 credits of MKT electives.

Majors need to select marketing electives from the following list:

  • MKT 321  International Business
  • MKT 411 Retailing Strategy Management
  • MKT 440 Field Experience Abroad
  • MKT 441 Intergrated Marketing Communications
  • MKT 450 Selling and Sales Force Management
  • MKT 452 Business-to-Business Marketing
  • MKT 454 Online Marketing Strategies
  • MKT 456 Customer Relationship Management
  • MKT 461 Global Marketing Strategy
  • MKT 490 Marketing Internship
  • MKT 493 Current Topics
  • MKT 496 Independent Study

Recommended Program for Marketing majors

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Fifth Semester Credits
MKT 301 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
MKT 351 Business, Society, and Government (W) 3
FIN 351 Introduction to Financial Management 4
MLR 321 Organizational Behavior 3
IST 305 Information Technology for Competitive Advantage 3
Total 16
Sixth Semester Credits
MKT 420 Consumer Behavior 4
OSM 311 Introduction to Operations Management 3
ECN 302 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
BLW 411 Business Law and Ethics (W) 3
Marketing Elective 4
Total 17
Seventh Semester Credits
MKT 431 Marketing Research 4
Marketing Elective 4
Marketing Elective 4
Marketing Elective 4
Total 16
Eighth Semester Credits
MLR 465 Management Strategy and Policy (W) 3
MKT 464 Marketing Strategy 4
Marketing Elective 4
Marketing Elective or Business Elective 4
Total 15


(W)Counts as a Writing Across the Curriculum course for university requirements (only if taken at CSU).  Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in order to receive Writing Across the Curriculum credit.

Marketing majors must receive a minimum grade of “C” in all marketing courses. If the grade earned is below a “C” in a Marketing core course, the course must be repeated. If the grade earned is below a “C” in a Marketing elective course, students must either repeat the course or substitute a different Marketing elective.

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