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The International Business major provides a strong foundation in international business by offering upper level courses in international management, accounting, finance, marketing and operations, complemented by courses in foreign culture and language. The program also provides valuable, relevant work experience prior to graduation through internships with international companies. The International Business program’s practical, flexible and interdisciplinary format has been developed to give students the essential knowledge to succeed as a global manager, and to develop the leadership and implementation skills required to adapt and thrive in diverse business environments.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree in International Business (IB) prepares students to manage and lead in a variety of internationally-oriented organizations in today's increasingly interdependent global economy. This major allows students to gain the knowledge and skills required for international business careers while developing an understanding of the political, cultural and regulatory environments that shape international business and trade. Students majoring in IB are also encouraged to pursue a dual major in order to gain depth of knowledge in a specific business function.

Requirements for Admission to Major:

  • Successful completion of all Lower Division requirements

  • Students must declare a major and meet the departmental requirements in order to be admitted into their major field.  A Business academic advisor can assist you with this process.


IB students are encouraged to pursue a dual major to gain specialization in another functional area of business. Talk to your advisor about your professional career goals so they can help you make strategic decisions about your academic pursuits.

Internships and Co-op’s

Through the Study Abroad Program, students may participate in internships in Germany, Chile, France, England and Sweden. The program also provides unique opportunities to learn in real project situations through collaborative projects with the international business community in Northeast Ohio. Co-op’s are available through the Career Services Center at (216) 687-2233.

Financial Assistance

Scholarships, grants, loans, work-study, and part-time employment are just some of the ways you can help pay for college costs at CSU. For more information on financing your education, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (216)687.3764, or by email at:

This suggested program of study assumes that the student has very little to no training in the language being used to fulfill the proficiency requirement. Those able to start instruction at a higher level of proficiency will need one or more additional elective courses in order to reach the 128 credits required to graduate with a BBA. International Business majors are strongly advised to obtain these credits through further language instruction.

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Dr. Ashutosh Dixit

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Director, International Business Program

Director, Center of Marketing Research

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