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International Business Minor

The Minor in International Business is recommended for undergraduate students who are interested in careers in international business and who want to earn formal credentials in this field while completing majors in business or other fields. A minimum of 19 credits are needed to fulfill requirements for the International Business Minor; business students already taking the BBA core will need fewer than 10 credit hours to complete the minor.

Admission Requirements

  • Junior Standing (60 credit hours earned).
  • Must be admitted to a major program of study.

Curriculum Requirements

Minimum Requirements for the Minor: 19 credit hours, plus foreign language proficiency as specified below.

I. International Business Foundation Course (Required—4 credits)

INB 301 Introduction to International Business* 4

*MKT 321 International Business may be substituted for INB 301.

II. Business Fundamentals (Choose TWO-- 6-7 credits)

(Note: Courses marked with a # have prerequisites. Please see the online Undergraduate Catalog for details.)

ACT 221 Introductory Accounting I 3
ACT 222 Introductory Accounting II# 3
FIN 351 Introduction to Financial Management# 4
MKT 301 Introduction to Marketing 3
MLR 321 Organizational Behavior 3
OSM 311 Introduction to Operations Management# 3


III. International Business Focus (Choose ONE—3-4 credits)

ACT 460 International Accounting# 3
FIN 465 International Finance and Investment# 4
MLR 487 International Management# 3
MKT 461 Global Marketing # 4
OSM 425 International Operations Management# 3


IV. International Culture and Experience (Choose ONE—3-4 credits)

HIS 320 US Foreign Policy since 1900 4
PSC 231 International Politics 4
PSC 324 Russia and the Successor States 4
PSC 325 Western European Politics 4
PSC 328 International Political Economy 4
PSC 331 US Foreign Policy 4
PSC 333 Latin American Politics 4
PSC 335 East Asian Politics 4
PSC 338 Central and Eastern Europe 4
SOC 389 Sociology of Non-Western Societies# 4
ECN 482 International Economics# 4
INB 490 International Business Internship# 1-4
INB 492 International Business Study Abroad# 1-4
INB 496 Independent Study 1-4
IST 461 E-Business (Heidenheim, Germany)# 3
MKT 440 Marketing Field Experience (UK)# 4
XXX Other university-sponsored study-abroad programs for credit or cultural studies courses (subject to approval by International Business Programs advisor.) 1-4

V. International Business/Cultural/Experiential Elective (Choose ONE—3-4 credits)

Choose ONE or more courses from the selection of courses listed above in Group III or IV.

Second Language

Students pursuing the minor in International Business are strongly encouraged to enroll in intermediate-level World Language courses for further skill development.

For information about the International Business Minor:

Call or visit the College of Business Global Business Center (telephone: 216-523-7347; room: BU 327) or the College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center staff (telephone: 216-687-3729; room: BU 219).

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