Department of Marketing

Mission Statement

The Department of Marketing is committed to cultivating an experientially based, hands-on, applied learning environment for the study, teaching, research, and practice of marketing. The Department will strive to foster a relationship-marketing focus in its mission of teaching, research, and service directed to students, faculty, alumni, the business community, and the marketing profession.

Vision Statement

The Department of Marketing's differential advantage will be based on the development of superior relationships among students, faculty, and the business community by focusing on its core competency of acquiring and disseminating knowledge through active, experimental methods of research and teaching. The vision for the department recognizes the ongoing paradigm shift in marketing from a transactional to a relationship orientation. It thus places value on the recruiting, as well as the retention, of students and the strengthening of relationships with the business community.

Partner Firm Internship Program

The purpose of this program is to match prescreened, high quality marketing and international business students with high profile and/or high growth Cleveland companies in a positive internship experience. Qualified student will assist companies with their marketing / international business needs, while gaining valuable experience outside the classroom. Click here for more details.

To learn more about the Department of Marketing, its programs, and its faculty members, explore this web site or contact the department at 216.687.4771, by email

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