DBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management

The Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSM) at Cleveland State University seeks applicants who are interested in pursuing research in areas such as supply chain management, operations strategy, advanced manufacturing technology, algorithm development, project management, quality management and scheduling, who also possess strong quantitative or statistical skills.

There are two main approaches to research in the doctoral program in Operations and Supply Chain Management: empirical research and quantitative modeling. Applicants interested in empirical research should have a mastery of statistical methods, while applicants interested in quantitative modeling should have a strong background in quantitative methods, i.e., applied probability, statistics, and operations research. This background may be achieved through previous coursework. Applicants with degrees in business, economics, mathematics, engineering, and related fields are encouraged to apply.

Program Structure

Doctoral students in Operations and Supply Chain Management take required classes in optimization, supply chain models and strategic supply chain management, as well as DBA core courses in statistics, research methods and a seminar on teaching. Possible Doctoral-level elective courses include quality control, scheduling, project management, and independent study courses that enable the student to pursue specific research topics with interested faculty members. Upon completion of the required coursework, satisfactory completion of a comprehensive examination is required in order to be admitted to doctoral candidacy. The final requirement for the degree is the doctoral dissertation.

Operations & Supply Chain Management Core Courses 

  • Theory of Optimization in Production and Operations
  • Current Topic Professional Seminar
  • Supply Chain Models
  • Quality Control
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Scheduling
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • Operations Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Doctoral Research in Production/Operations Management
  • Dissertation Research Seminar
  • Current Problems in Production/Operations Management

Faculty Research

Our faculty members are active and committed researchers whose contributions are recognized nationally and internationally. Their publications in the areas of strategic supply chain management, supply chain models, project management, scheduling, and related topics have appeared in such journals as Management Science, Operations Research, Journal of Operations Management, European Journal of Operational Research, Naval Research Logistics, International Journal of Production Research and International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

Operations & Supply Chain Management Faculty Teaching in the DBA Program:

Faculty who teach in the DBA program include:

Ataseven, Cigdem
Chen, Injazz
Chen, Jen-Yi
Slotnick, Susan
Tukel, Oya (Associate Dean)
Turkin, Nazli
The next DBA cohort begins Fall 2018.
The deadline to apply is February 16, 2018.

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