DBA in Global Business

Globalization, the rise of international activities of small-and-medium sized firms, and growing interdependence of national economies, are creating greater opportunities for a career in global business education. The Doctorate degree in Global Business integrates a contemporary curriculum, faculty scholarship, students’ work experiences to teach you to think more creatively and entrepreneurially.

Preparatory Requirements

An MBA degree (or the equivalent) is required.

Program Format

The degree can be pursued while working full-time. This is not a part-time program; instead it is a flexible program, where students are admitted in cohort group. To provide flexibility and to meet the needs of working professionals, courses are offered twice a week and are scheduled after 5:00 p.m.

Degree Requirements

The doctoral degree requires a minimum of sixty-four semester credit hours (forty-four hours of courses, twenty hours of doctoral research) with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Participation in DBA classes limited only to those students admitted to the DBA program, ensuring the highest caliber peer group in the classroom.

DBA Core Courses

  • Multivariate Statistical Methods
  • Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis
  • Business Research: Analysis and Applications
  • Seminar on Business Teaching Methods

Global Business Core Courses

Global Business is one of five specialized tracks within the DBA program. In the Global Business track the courses will be covered in the following areas:

  • OSM 733 Doctoral Seminar in Multivariate Statistical Methods
  • MKT 800 Doctoral Seminar in Measurement and Scaling
  • MKT 802 Doctoral Seminar in Global Business Strategy
  • Doctoral Seminar in International/Global Business Theories 
  • OSM 724 Global Operations Management 
  • MKT 708 Global Marketing
  • MGT 721 Multinational Management  
  • FIN 721 International Financial Management
  • MKT 702 Marketing Research 
  • DBA 720 Seminar on Business Teaching Methods
  • IST 802 Other Related Advanced Seminar Topics/Courses (e.g., Global Knowledge Management)

Comprehensive Examination: Upon completion of formal course work, the student must demonstrate competence in their field by passing a required comprehensive examination.  The written examination is prepared and graded by the Graduate Faculty on the Doctoral Committee.  

Defense of the Dissertation Proposal: Upon completion of the course work and passing the comprehensive examination, the student prepares the dissertation proposal in his/her area of interest.

Dissertation Defense: Upon successful completion of the dissertation, the student makes an oral presentation and defense of the dissertation to his/her committee and the College of the Business Faculty.

Admission Information

Every three years students are admitted to the program in a cohort group. You will complete the DBA program with the same group of students with whom you begin. This approach, with an emphasis on collaboration, sustains motivation through peer support throughout the program.

The next DBA cohort begins Fall 2017. The deadline to apply is February 17, 2017.
Applications will not be processed until Spring 2016.

Additional Information

See the Graduate Catalog for details and course descriptions on the Doctoral program in Global Business.

For More Information

Contact the DBA program at or 216.687.4889 and ask for Jessica Spiker.