Certificate in Multimedia Advertising

The Multi-Media Advertising certificate program is designed to provide college undergraduates and professionals with a practical, skill-oriented yet flexible and compact educational program on advertising principles, practices, computer graphics, and marketing communications. To ensure breadth and comprehensive coverage of advertising communications, marketing strategy, graphics, copywriting, and design issues, the Certificate Program has been conceived as an interdisciplinary program, sponsored by the Art Department and School of Communication within the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the Marketing Department of the Monte Ahuja College of Business Administration.

Academic Requirements

The certificate program includes 16 credit hours of core courses in visual art, advertising principles, advertising applications, and marketing analysis. The following courses are prerequisites to those required for the certificate.



  • ART 102 Introduction to 2-D Art and Design
  • MKT 301 Introduction to Marketing
  • ART 242 Introduction to Typographic Principles and Design

Required Core Courses (16 semester hours):

Choose one from each group:

Graphic Design:

  • ART 244 Introduction to Macintosh

Advertising Principles:

  • COM 360 Principles of Advertising
  • MKT 441 Advertising & Promotion Management*

Advertising Applications:

  • COM 450 Media Programming and Research*
  • COM 455 Communication Campaigns
  • COM 460 Advertising Copywriting and Layout Design*

Market Analysis:

  • MKT 420 Buyer Behavior*
  • MKT 431 Marketing Research*

* Prerequisite are required. Check with appropriate department.

Recommended Electives (optional)

The following courses add great value to students in Multimedia Advertising Certificate program, and should be considered when choosing electives to satisfy your degree requirements:

  • ART 344 Advanced Raster-Image Development
  • ART 345 Advanced Vector-Image Development
  • ART 444 Advanced Typography and Design
  • ART 445 Introduction to Digital Media
  • COM 204 Single-Source Video/Audio Production and Editing
  • COM 352 Multi-Source Video Production
  • COM 357 Principles of Public Relations
  • COM 358 Media Law, Economics, and Ethics
  • COM 370 Communication Technology and Social Change
  • MKT 461 Global Marketing
  • MKT 464 Marketing Strategy

For more information

Please contact the appropriate department:

  • Art Department (216) 687-2040
  • School of Communication (216) 687-4630
  • Marketing Department (216) 687-4771